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With an active social group of 220+ members, our famous 5-year old WhatsApp group has been dubbed "better than Siri". If you're looking for jobs, internships or top spas and restaurants, or even reaching out for help, we have a authentic answers and real recommendations from women in your community who you can trust.


how it all started

The idea for “Women of Hong Kong” was born in 2014, when Sarah created a network called "Girls of Hong Kong”, a tight-knit community that provided a safe space for women to network and support each other through social events and common beliefs. By 2019, the “Girls of Hong Kong” grew to 3000 members with over 200 active daily contributors on a social platform app. 

Today, 7 years later, Sarah, with business partner Jessie Drew launch the “Women of Hong Kong,” a digital platform revolutionising the lives of its members. Whatever your background and career, Women of Hong Kong is the bridge that connects women with the common belief that we are stronger together.

As women continuously revolutionise the world, this network will pave the way. Through events, courses and conversations, Women of Hong Kong will challenge women to reach their highest potential and step into their power in every aspect of their lives: mentally, emotionally, physically and professionally. 

Women of Hong Kong provides opportunities for women to collaborate, learn from each other’s mistakes and experiences, and humanise business in a way women could.


The services on the platform, voted for by the long-running members of Women of Hong Kong, allows members to add their own events, classes and courses. Membership gives you access to women-led business directories, tailor-made groups and forums, job listings, skills by members, and last but definitely not the least, our famous 5-year old social chat that's been dubbed "better than Siri".