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With an active social group of 220+ members, our famous 5-year old WhatsApp group has been dubbed "better than Siri". If you're looking for jobs, internships or top spas and restaurants, or even reaching out for help, we have a authentic answers and real recommendations from women in your community who you can trust.


how it all started

The idea for “Women of Hong Kong” was born in 2014, when Sarah created a network called "Girls of Hong Kong”, a tight-knit community that provided a safe space for women to network and support each other through social events and common beliefs. By 2019, the “Girls of Hong Kong” grew to 3000 members with over 200 active daily contributors on a social platform app. 

Today, 7 years later, Sarah, with business partner Jessie Drew launch the “Women of Hong Kong,” a digital platform revolutionising the lives of its members. Whatever your background and career, Women of Hong Kong is the bridge that connects women with the common belief that we are stronger together.

As women continuously revolutionise the world, this network will pave the way. Through events, courses and conversations, Women of Hong Kong will challenge women to reach their highest potential and step into their power in every aspect of their lives: mentally, emotionally, physically and professionally. 

Women of Hong Kong provides opportunities for women to collaborate, learn from each other’s mistakes and experiences, and humanise business in a way women could.


The services on the platform, voted for by the long-running members of Women of Hong Kong, allows members to add their own events, classes and courses. Membership gives you access to women-led business directories, tailor-made groups and forums, job listings, skills by members, and last but definitely not the least, our famous 5-year old social chat that's been dubbed "better than Siri".

Our 5 pillars of beliefs.

Changing the world,
one powerful woman at a time.


Reshaping how we see ourselves & others.

Everything we perceive is influenced by how we see ourselves. We as women are more likely to underestimate our ability, potential and performance, falling prey to the impostor syndrome.


Too often a woman’s worth is measured by an unhealthy self-image, focusing on our flaws while comparing ourselves to others: our beauty, our achievements, our social status or if we choose to raise a family. 


Changing our self-image requires rewriting our internal dialogue.


When we change our self-perception, we remove self-doubt - allowing us to truly embrace all the facets of ourselves that make us who we are and becoming that much closer in achieving our highest potential.


Accountability is not an easy journey. Recognizing our personality faults will lead us to understand and develop our personality virtues. Change in the world cannot begin unless we change the narrative within ourselves, and only then will we start to appreciate others.

"Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do."

- Brené Brown


Reinventing how we view others.

The competitive spirit is a central element of human nature but it can hold us back from achieving our greatest potential because it is inherently divisive. 


Collaboration, on the other hand, is all about progressing as a whole.

Collaboration is bigger than one person. It’s a culture, requiring us to have an open mind, the ability to be empathetic and a shift in perspective. Each of us are on our own path of growth as well as our own set of problems.


Former President Barack Obama has said, "The biggest deficit that we have in our society and in the world right now is an empathy deficit. We are in great need of people being able to stand in somebody else’s shoes and see the world through their eyes." 

One way in which great artists, entrepreneurs, and creators of all kinds come up with the insights that enable them to change the world is that, very literally, they do not see the way most of us do. Their methods teach us that by seeing differently, we can end up seeing what no one else has yet seen. This is how the future is built.

Collaboration is imperative for cultures who wish to step into true global impact.


Creating a safe and supportive space.

This is your safe space: a supportive platform where your voice is heard and your beliefs are respected. Whatever your beliefs are and whichever causes you support, we will respect them. We are all here to grow and learn.

Changing the world,
one powerful woman at a time.


Inspiring collaboration & expanding opportunities.

We offer every member the opportunity to learn and grow mentally, physically, emotionally and professionally through our community events, programs, and workshops, made possible by you. It can be overwhelming and daunting starting a new job, launch a new business, try something new or simply make new friends. We make it easier by bringing women together in one space, connecting their interests and opening doors for each other. If you believe in your creation we have an audience for you.

The competitive spirit is a central element of human nature but it can hold us back from achieving our greatest potential because it is inherently divisive. 

Changing the world,
one powerful woman at a time.


Leading the next generation.

When we live our authentic and powerful truth, we influence the people around us: our husbands, our children and our friends. Our children will share our truth, inspiring stronger and more powerful generations of women in the years to come.

Changing the world,
one powerful woman at a time.

"When women join the community, they naturally support another member because they carry the knowledge or connection that someone needs. What they don't realise is that one day, a member on the platform will end up helping them too."  

- Sarah Vee, Founder & CEO


A strong and supportive space

7 years in the making
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What started out as a social group of 12 ladies in 2014 quickly grew into a tight-knit community of supportive women by 2016.

Over 4,000 contacts and 7 years later, we’re making it official! The platform aims to bridge networking and social gaps while creating opportunities for members to help them succeed in both business and personal life. A support system that knows no bounds.

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