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Absolute Laser Skin Care

Absolute Laser Skin Care

Absolute Laser Skin Care

Absolute Laser Skin Care was established in 2006 when owner and founder, Tina Kalmar, realized the need for quality laser services in Hong Kong. Tina wanted to experience the results that lasers could provide but could not find the right machines and qualified personnel to perform the treatments effectively. After extensive research and sourcing, Tina decided to create her own treatment center: Absolute Laser Skin Care.When you feel good about yourself, it shows in every aspect of your physical presence. When you commit to the treatments, you are also making a personal statement about committing energy to yourself. Absolute Laser Skin Care is about supporting a personal dedication to be your best and stimulating your mental and physical self positively in every aspect of your life.Absolute Laser Skin Care will work with each client to produce the most noticeable results and improvements possible. During your pre treatment consultation, we will discuss realistic time commitments required and how we support you throughout the treatment process. That is our absolute commitment to you and your results!

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