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Ascension Associates

Ascension Associates

Ascension Associates

For headhunting, I focus on regional insurance distribution and would answer close clients' requests such as CHRO or senior actuaries search. We are also building up capacity in AI and data science search.

For executive coaching, at the moment we focus on an individual level.

For facilitating, we do strengths-based team development with an emphasis on workplace wellbeing, we teach managers how to embrace coaching mindsets, and we work with our clients to lead in constant change with an appreciative mind.

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larraine chang


Business Support, Coaching & Education, Legal Services


14 Tai Koo Wan Rd, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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Please check our individual linkedin profile for real names testimonial. Due to confidentiality reasons most of our headhunting and coaching clients will not be disclosing their names, please visit our website for coaching and headhunting testimonial.

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