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Blank Sheet

Blank Sheet

Blank Sheet

Blank Sheet happened naturally, like all the best things.

The birth of my second child was one of the best moments in my life. And I wanted to share it with the rest of the world.

So I got creative. I drew on my graphic-design training from my days in airline marketing. And I knew how to get things printed professionally.

Sure enough, I soon had some really great cards ready to let everyone know about the new addition to our family. I sent them to all my friends and relatives. And one friend, also expecting, caught on. “Can you make me something like that when the baby comes?” she asked. And of course I could.

Well, that’s how Blank Sheet got started.

You don’t have to be giving birth! Send your own message with our personalized cards – customize your message in your own distinctive way. Pick from our ready-made designs or send us your original artwork. The text, and the design, are completely up to you.

Our range also includes personalized name labels that are perfect for making sure your child’s kit doesn’t get lost in the mix. We also offer gift stickers that are the ideal way of making your mark. Or stamp your child’s stationery as extra special with our personalized material.

Our latest “thing” is the Art to Cards program. That turns the artwork of students into professional-quality cards or posters.

We are also open to individual commissions if you have a specific idea.

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