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Creative Womxn in Hong Kong

Creative Womxn in Hong Kong

Creative Womxn in Hong Kong

Creative Women in Hong Kong is vastly growing community of artistic talents that define themselves as female. It is a fantastic support group for all creatives and artistic minds that would like to network, connect and share their work in Hong Kong. This project is aiming to help you as an artist to find a safe space for suggestions, asking questions, creating conversations/debates, tips, organizing meetings, workshops and networking opportunities in order to connect, share and stay inspired.

And who is behind this?

Hi, my name is Alex and I have 4 years of experience of community development and art/ museum gallery curating and operations thanks to St. Albans Museum and Galleries, Verulamium Museum and The Collective Gallery - based in Hertfordshire, UK.

I have a background and degree in Journalism and Creative Industries from Loughborough University in London.

It is my great honour to be here in Hong Kong and discover the new perceptions and points of view of new artists that introduce me to this incredible art world of Asia. The diversity and the stories are so inspiring that pushed me into creating this project and turning it into a community and an art support group.

Things we've accomplished..

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