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Frequency Healing & Therapeutic Yoga

Frequency Healing & Therapeutic Yoga

Frequency Healing & Therapeutic Yoga

Hey there! I'm Erika. I own an online global wellness business, partnering with a bio-resonance frequency device, Healy. Healy is a device that scans your bio-energetic field and suggests you frequency programs to elevate your wellness and bring you back to harmony and your highest blueprint.

Users and partners of Healy are successful and conscious entrepreneurs, healers and energy and light workers from the globe. It is a community that brings spiritual and finance abundance to meet.

I am also a Yoga Instructor that provides private and corporate Yoga service. My teaching style includes therapeutic yoga, mindfulness and zen practices, energy work, breath work and meditation. My goal is to help my students and clients to connect within themselves and to enhance their wellness mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Erika Hilary Lee


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