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Good Sauce Agency

Good Sauce Agency

Good Sauce Agency

We collaborate with eco-conscious, socially responsible brands with the intention to create a better, healthier future for people and planet.

Good Sauce Agency is an independent brand, marketing and web design agency based in London & Hong Kong with a network of creatives specialising in photography, film, graphic design and illustration located across Asia, Europe & North America.

Things we've accomplished..

Many moons ago, featured in Harper's Bazaar, STYLIST; helped build an online business from $0 to $1M USD; and even more moons ago won L’Oreal Brandstorm People’s Choice Award.

More recently: Mom to a thriving teenager and dog. Moving us to Hong Kong and then back to the UK is a big achievement in itself as a single Mom! Launched Good Sauce Agency after 15+ years in the digital marketing space and many years working as a freelancer.

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Michelle Lee




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Michelle worked with The R Collective on Digital Marketing and E-comm. She was instrumental in our decision to switch E-comm platforms and she independently drove our Digital Marketing with much passion and authenticity. I loved working with Michelle; she is through-and-through a wonderful team mate and friend in the sustainability and fashion work.

Dr. Christina Dean
Founder & CEO of The R Collective, Founder & Chair of Redress
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