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Hiraya Scent & Co

Hiraya Scent & Co

Hiraya Scent & Co

Our brand is all about the experience. From the blended scents inspired by memories, the images that reflect the essence of each scent and to the special way we package your orders like gifts.

What we want is to bring calm and light to your days through every little details - because you deserve it!

We take our time with our scents, blending a delicious mixture of fragrance oil and essential oil to recreate the essence of experiences that bring us calm and happiness. We ensure to be mindful of our ingredients and packaging, always prioritizing the non-toxic and sustainable alternatives. This is so our candles can bring you calm guilt-free.

And as a cherry on top, we present our candles as a gift to you, our customer because you deserve products worth your money and time. We hope, as you find the perfect gift for yourself, you find the perfect gift for you loved ones through our custom candles.

Things we've accomplished..

Featured in Hive Life Article
"Hiraya Scent & Co’s Clean and Consciously Designed Scented Candles Inspiring Home Wellness"

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Claudine Dimaculangan


Home & Interiors, Gifts & Personalization


179 Queen's Rd W, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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Unboxing the item itself was an experience - from the beautifully packaged product to turning over the candle to find one's name paired with a touching sentence definitely etched a memory from Hiraya! Highly recommended for anyone who's looking to gift someone they love!

Sarah Vee
Founder of Women of Hong Kong
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