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iFarmaissance Brands Limited

iFarmaissance Brands Limited

iFarmaissance Brands Limited

iFarmaissance Brands is a family story, a generational desire to connect farming and fashion and sustainability. The family has a long history of farming in Albany, West Australia and everyone loves the farm life.

Jennifer, the founder, is an award winning product creator her life has been dedicated to the handbag Industry and she has been recognized by global luxury brands for her contribution. She brought the concept of “Farm to Closet” to her husband Gary, a Chartered Accountant and sustainable business consultant in Australia and Asia.

Together, they created the iFarmaissance brand, a name derived from (I)nnovation related to (Farm)ing and Ren(aissance), a rebirth of the traditions and soul of fashion.

Their shared inspiration begins in the harmony of nature. The farming of traditional products that can be ethically sourced – a balance between responsibly sourced natural fibres and innovative bio-materials to make an environmental impact and change for future.

Our bags are designed for the next generation using alternative material for leather in order to reduce the environmental impact of livestock towards global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Responsibly produced, here's to offsetting your carbon footprint.

This design vision is a combination of environmental responsibility and aesthetics to create for beautiful moments and lasting global impact.

Designed for women. Crafted for the Future. Together.

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Jennifer Gardner


Fashion & Retail, Sustainability


Room 1006, Mai Wo Ind Building, 90-98 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong

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