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Innately Serena

Innately Serena

Innately Serena

We can all agree that Hong Kong never sleeps. With a wealth of tempting restaurants and social obligations - maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard. Introducing Innately Serena, a wellness architect.

I will support you in navigating the challenges of our city life by helping you build sustainable habits that fit into your schedule. 

Together we learn about your bodies bio-individual needs, create a structure around food, exercise, work, stress & weight management as well as other health goals without you having to give up the things you enjoy doing!

I will empower and educate you to transform your life 1 habit at a time over 12 weeks.

Things we've accomplished..

Level 4 Diploma in Coaching (Health Coach Practitioner)
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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Serena Mahtani


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The 8 week Innately Serena program has been an eye opening one - it’s disrupted so much I thought I knew about food & nutrition.

We started the program with the use of the CGM where we were able to study what types of foods suited my body best and how eating in the right order made significant differences in the way my blood sugar levels would fluctuate. For example things that are usually classified as “good” like sweet potatoes didn’t work for me as well as white rice & other grains - it proved the food & nutrition is truly bio-individual.

There was also significance put on eating balanced meals and incorporating varied ingredients in my diet - not only did this keep me satisfied and excited for meal time but also helped with improving my gut microbiome, and such tackling issues with bloat that I’d been suffering from.

Apart from WHAT to actually eat, working with Serena has significantly changed my relationship with food. I had been calorie & macro counting for over a year and knew I wanted to break free of this “restrictive mindset” - it was a tough process and something I personally struggled with trying to do myself, but with her support we managed to address this along with the many food fears I had. I’ve learnt to listen to my body and align my physical needs with my emotional & mental ones :)

She’s been there for me round the clock over the last 2 months and I would have never have made this much progress without her constant attention and support. Serena was great to work with - she truly cares about the well-being of her clients and will go above and beyond to think of the best solutions & hacks that are personalized to each clients lifestyle and preferences.

Shanila Daswani, Female 30 Years Old
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