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Joint Dynamics

Joint Dynamics

Joint Dynamics

Joint Dynamics is a multidisciplinary practice combining Psychology, Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Osteopathy, Massage, Sports Therapy, Rehabilitation, Personal Training, Exercise Physiology and Sports Performance Testing. Clients come to us for one, some or all of these services. Clients can expect a unique service where the Joint Dynamics team of dedicated professionals become their own personal health team.

Imagine having a detailed and thorough assessment of your pain, or your general issue from one of our highly experienced clinicians, whether it's a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath. Then have the reasons why this is happening explained to you and then being guided by our clinical and rehabilitation team as to how Joint Dynamics will ensure you recover from this issue. It could be a training program overseen by your therapist and designed around your specific injury or rehabilitation requirements. Targeted massage and stretch therapy treatments for your recovery program, sports performance testing and subsequent personal training for you to become better or for you to become the best. Joint Dynamics brings the most experienced, educated, dedicated professionals together with some of the most advanced technology available today.

This is "the sharp end"​ of sports, training, treatment & recovery. Designed for athletes, elite performers and working professionals - available and inclusive of everyone. Ever imagined what you could achieve if you had access to the experts.... well Joint Dynamics is your chance to find out

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