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Michelle Harris International

Michelle Harris International

Michelle Harris International

Michelle Harris is very well-known in HK, and has trail-blazed the healing and empowerment scene for many years. As one of HK’s original and in-demand healers, she is also the Leader and Founder of Women and Children’s empowerment initiatives such as The Empowerment Dayfests, The Empowerment School platform and specialised Women’s Retreats, that bring groups of women together in support, community and well-being.

A two-times bestselling Amazon Author, Michelle has guided others to their healing and self- empowerment for over 25 years. Drawing upon her inspiring journey of “powerless to empowered”, she shares authentic teachings through her signature programs mentoring you to greater peace, growth and transformation. Her effective tools and life solutions have helped many worldwide, and are based upon Michelle's own experience and the thousands of clients she has mentored internationally.

As a multi award-winning Women of Wellness, Women Leader and Healer, Michelle is sought after for her impactful, deep work to overcome lifelong issues and trauma, life guidance, as well as emotional and mental health challenges. She addresses the deeper needs of her clients, bridges difficulties and guides you to understanding and resolution. As a natural psychic-intuitive, she also helps you unlock your intuition and to connect more deeply to your true self and natural talents and gifts. Her self-discovery Empowerment Mentorship Programs are widely popular. Many of her clients have sought her guidance spanning over years, as they delve deeper into their life and soul journeys, to fulfil their purpose and develop inner peace.
Michelle brings to her sessions and programs the depth of knowledge and understanding required to help you to thrive and evolve. She uses a combination of techniques and tools, including energy healing, psychology, coaching, channelling, symbols, card reading, and psychic-intuitive guidance.

As a Master Healer-Teacher, Michelle is also the Founder/Channel of a unique system of healing that rebalances on multi-levels, and has students worldwide. This is an ancient system of healing that connects to dragon energy, and uses crystals and healing symbols. Michelle is bringing it back again for the modern world, and uses it in her sessions as appropriate.

She also coaches mindfulness and well-being programs to schools, as well as Staff Leadership teams, organisations and businesses. Some of her classes include Stress Relief, Emotional Management for Resilience, and Effective Well-being Strategies for Mental Health.

Children and Teens Empowerment holds a special place in Michelle’s heart, to address their deeper needs in the current times. She launched her Empowerment School platform to bring in a ‘new’ education that empowers their souls and nurtures self-expression, self-belief, well-being and tools for mastery. This aspect of Michelle’s work is based on a ‘vision’ she was shared many years ago that aligns to an area of her soul path and calling to guide our younger and future generations.

A natural Counsellor, empath and highly sensitive person, Michelle holds a gentle yet powerful space that nurtures you to heal, rebalance and move forward. Covering important life topics such as: inner self development, relationships, family, motherhood, conscious parenting, work-life balance, menopause, mental/emotional health, soul connection, your entrepreneurial and business journey, female leadership and more, Michelle is able to share her expertise and wisdom through a variety of areas, since she has gone through it all herself.

Michelle creates communities through her offerings, and has an international following.
She has featured in various media and publications, and is also the author of “Tools and Tricks for Tweens & Teens” empowerment & meditation workbook, as well as co-author of two Amazon No 1 bestsellers: “Shaken, Stirred But Not Deterred” and “My Voice Vol 3: Journeys of Self Discovery and Resilience’ - both of which are compilations of stories from inspiring women around the world.

Her greatest ‘achievement’ she feels however, is being Mum to her 17 year old daughter. Probably by far one of the most rewarding and fulfilling aspects of her life, Michelle understands deeply the navigation of motherhood & parenting, life challenges, and running a successful business. When she is not serving clients, sharing inspiring content or posting helpful comments to support the community, she enjoys walks in Nature, being with friends, meditation and quiet time at home on peaceful Lamma Island, where she lives with her daughter and her soul-mate-twin-flame hubby of 26 years!

Full list of services, testimonials and offerings can be viewed on her website:

What others say:-
“It has been a blessing to have met Michelle at a time in my life where I was dealing with a tremendous amount of stress. Juggling motherhood, a career and a pandemic to top it off! Michelle’s ability to instil calm and clarity, in her gentle manner, has been so transformative. She truly has a divine gift!” Ren, HK
"Thank you for working with me over the last couple of months. I have been seeing healers for years for personal growth and development. I feel I came to you to shift some incredibly deep areas that have not been able to be shifted in the past (the timing is right). Since working with you, I have had some massive shifts and feel lighter and more focused because of it. Toxic relationships and associations have left, new boundaries have been established and new positive connections are forming. I am becoming more empowered each day. I am grateful for your help and highly recommend your services". Tracy, Singapore
"What began as a frivolous search for crystals, ended in an awesome healing journey for myself. It was no accident that I met Michelle at one of the most challenging times of my life, her warmth and genuine care for her clients really shines through in her sessions. The changes that occurred in me over the course of her empowerment program were nothing short of a miracle and I would highly recommend it.” Fiona, NZ
“Everyone should have a Michelle in their life. I've been on a journey to find myself and transform my life and I can't thank the universe enough for leading me to her. She has been the perfect companion on my life journey and with her unique spiritual gifts, psychic insights and gentleness has helped me to unblock parts of me that I needed to bring into awareness and heal, so that I now feel empowered to fully embrace the next chapter of my life. .. I cannot recommend her more highly.” Alison, UK
"Michelle is absolutely wonderful, understanding, empowering and thoughtful in her approach to each person. Highly recommend her!" Laura, USA
“You’ve been absolutely incredible - in gently guiding me deeper into my own truth, and letting go of so much shame & fear. I feel lighter finally. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. “ K.M, Australia.
“Not only have you helped me to get through the toughest time of my life but you have also helped me to realise my self-worth and to reach my potential. I can't thank you enough.” Katie, UK


“I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. I have been having regular sessions with her over the past 3 years and it has been of invaluable help and support to my well-being (..and that of those around me).
Her coaching approach does never feel intrusive nor prescriptive; she is instead capable of unlocking what sits deep within us and let us discover ourselves, which is ultimately the best experience. We touched upon a variety of life situations: family, child-hood, relationships, work, business, personal development, difficult decisions, etc. After each session, I feel a sense of lightness and relief, and have a clearer mind on what are my next steps. I would probably not be where I am now without Michelle's sessions. My life has progressed at incredible speed compared to before. THANK YOU!
I recommend anyone who feels "something is missing" to take that first step and try out a session, as you could be at the start of a journey to uncover a better YOU." S.C, Manager/Head of CE, Google


“I wanted to give a shout out to Michelle who I started working with last year. I am based in the UK and she is in HK, and we had weekly calls. I was lucky to be gifted her Empowerment Mentorship Program as a birthday gift, and wow what a gift it was! It has really transformed me and my life, and even finally enabled me to attract love into my life again...
I was a little guarded and sceptical when I first started, as her sessions quickly get to the heart of your ‘issues’ - whatever they may be. From one session to the next, I never quite knew what would come up. Her communication style is always sensitive, and she comes from a place of love and grace, so by the end of every session, you feel so much lighter and more positive.
The topics I worked on where quite broad and varied from, inner child issues to learning to accept myself, and learning to love life - so that I could learn to trust and live my best life. One of the best things about working with Michelle is the creation of your own vision blueprint and your personalised power statements. To this day I still have them and listen to when walking to work. It sets the energy for the day and is a very special time devoted to just me.
Looking back I feel that I really have changed and for the better, by learning new techniques to cope, learn and live my life by. I miss our sessions now that the programme has ended, but know that I will continue to work on becoming the best I can be, and I hope to see her and continue our work in the not too distant future. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Katherine, UK



- CMO Asia Women Leader 2018
- Women of Wellness 2021, 2022, 2023 - Platinum award winner Alternative Health & Spirituality
- Best Alternative Healer 2022 silver

Two-times bestselling author:
- My Voice Vol 3:ourneys of Self Discovery and Resilience
- Shaken, Stirred But Not Deterred

Tools and Tricks for Tweens & Teens empowerment & meditation workbook - available through website or at Bookazine

- Featured in various articles, articles published and media platforms, here:

Full testimonials here:

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