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MpoweredEvolution Coaching

MpoweredEvolution Coaching

MpoweredEvolution Coaching

By combining movement in nature with powerful questions that help you gain clarity and self-awareness, MpoweredEvolution Coaching creates an alchemy that empowers you to evolve into the best You. Gain the confidence and courage to live life authentically, courageously, and wholeheartedly.

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Associate Certified Wellness Life Coach - Coach Training EDU
Certified Life Coach & 6-phase Meditation Trainer - Evercoach by Mindvalley

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Noi Derkash


Coaching & Education, Business Support


Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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“I had a major transition happening in my life and felt a bit lost. I wasn’t sure what steps to take, but I knew I needed help figuring it out so I could move back to the US from Hong Kong smoothly and confidently. After meeting with Noi a few times, I felt very comfortable with her and noticed progress after the first session. Above all, she helped me understand how to look at my issues from different perspectives which led to me identifying ways to help myself. Noi was invaluable and I look forward to utilising her services again!”

Registered Nurse
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