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Sleep Solutions Ltd

Sleep Solutions Ltd

Sleep Solutions Ltd

Alison helps families around the world who are struggling with a lack of sleep when their babies or young children can’t (or won’t) sleep. Alison comes alongside families in often times extremely vulnerable periods of their lives and supports them from being overwhelmed, confused and constantly doubting themselves to confident and at ease with how they approach sleep, routines and tricky transitions.

Educating families about sleep, the importance of learning the skill of falling asleep, getting back to sleep and waking up at appropriate times is only the stating point.

Having someone who encourages you along the way, who gently guides you in making adjustments and troubleshoots issues you’re having makes navigating this part of parenthood a lot easier than doing it alone.

Alison coaches families from newborns through to adults to reach their sleep goals and get the rest they need.

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Alison Jones


Health & Wellbeing


China Hong Kong Tower, 8-12 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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