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The Bombay East Indian Girl

The Bombay East Indian Girl

The Bombay East Indian Girl

Ever since appearing on the public circuit, Samaira Kavatkar, aka The Bombay East Indian Girl, has continued to catch Hong Kong Foodies by storm with her refined Indian Cuisine.
Nominated and identified as the "Rising Star" by Tatler Dining in 2020, her latest collaboration with Tater Dining X HAUS 8-18 September 2020 paired her cuisine to the elegant Champagnes of The House of Perrier-Jouet.
Kavatkar’s cooking style pays tribute to her roots in cosmopolitan Mumbai (Bombay), where she grew up in an East Indian Catholic family. An ex- corporate professional turned Chef, she has been a quiet force on the city’s F&B scene, forging her own path with a powerful culinary narrative that brings together East Indian flavours with sprinkles of Portuguese influence.
Her creative cooking style is precise and refined, with fresh seasonal produce parlayed into beautifully intricate dishes that are multi-layered and complex. A staunch believer in making all her spice blends, pickles, chutneys and marinades from scratch, Kavatkar represents slow food at its best, where each element on the plate is carefully considered and created.

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