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Valentin lingerie

Valentin lingerie

Valentin lingerie

Valentin Lingerie is founded by Heather Kam to break Asian sexual taboos with daring statement lingerie for the bedroom and beyond.

Valentin Lingerie is purposely given a masculine name to celebrate both the masculinity and femininity that exists in all of us. Discover a playful experience in which we celebrate sensuality and where versatile designs are all yours to explore.

Characterised by decadent playfulness, provocative style, and a pro-kink attitude for the unconventional soul. Lavish satin elastic, delicious mesh and gorgeous gold hardware are designed to be seen. Exclusive creations crafted to be fully adjustable with easy-sizing ensure a perfect inclusive fit for everybody and every occasion.

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Kam Heather hei man


Fashion & Retail


Flat a 15th floor 62b Robinson road

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