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The very first Tuesday Night Games Night at The Women's Lounge!

“Open, welcoming, bright, inviting and inclusive"

These are the words that our members brought up when we asked about what they thought of The Women’s Lounge, when they first stepped into the open doors last Tuesday night. Gaming gals and guys attended our first of many signature weeknight events in this vibrant space. Get in quick and book here:

This inaugural event at The Women's Lounge was electrifying. We marked the beginning of our groundbreaking Games Night Tuesday series open to all, it was a blast. Our attendees were left with an unforgettable experience, learning new games like ThinkFast and MTV Trivia! Old favourites made an appearance too, and an EPIC monopoly showdown on the terrace.

No games night is complete without some delicious refreshments, and our attendees were treated to a great selection. The Mohlia Chianti and Lectcha Ginseng Tonic Kombucha drinks provided the perfect fuel for some serious competitive game playing. Expect to try them again as our drink sponsors for the month of November.

This is just the start of a captivating journey at The Women's Lounge. We're inviting you to be part of the adventure. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our upcoming activities, membership launches, and Christmas markets. We've got a diverse range of events in store, tailored to suit all.

We are sincerely grateful for all the people that came and made games night a success. We loved the wholehearted engagement of our cherished members and their friends! The atmosphere of inclusivity and empowerment that enveloped the event has left a lasting impression on all.

Missed out on tickets to Games Night? Come try the Business Blitz on Monday!

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