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Women of Hong Kong Guidelines [Apr 2023]

Updated: Apr 20

We believe in creating a safe and respectful space where all members can engage and share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. To help us maintain this environment, we've put together guidelines for our members.

Community guidelines create a safe, welcoming environment by setting clear expectations for behavior and content. They promote respectful communication, diverse perspectives, and prevent harassment or discrimination. Guidelines protect the community from harm by setting standards for acceptable behavior and provide a framework for addressing conflicts. Overall, guidelines are essential for creating a positive and inclusive community.


To engage with our community in person or online, please read and agree to the following guidelines. Please note that repeated violations of these guidelines may result in removal from the community.

  1. Respect each other: We are a community of women who come from diverse backgrounds and have varying opinions. Please be respectful in your communication with other members.

  2. No hate speech: Hate speech, discriminatory language, or any form of harassment will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism.

  3. Keep it safe: We want our community to be a safe space for all women. Do not share personal information or the personal information of others without their consent.

Remember, our community is about uplifting and empowering women. Let's work together to create a positive and supportive environment for all members!

These guidelines are subject to change. Any updates will be posted and communicated to members.


We believe in creating a safe and respectful space where all members can engage and share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. To help us maintain this environment, please follow these guidelines.

  1. Adverts must be pre-approved: Please do not post any advertisements or promotional content in the chat without approval by admins. To understand more about advertising to the chats, please read about Advertising on Chats.

  2. No spamming: Please refrain from spamming the chat with irrelevant or repetitive messages. This includes but is not limited to posting the same message multiple times across other chats or posting messages that are not relevant to the conversation/subgroup. To understand more about messages classed as spam, please read about Community Standard Spam.

  3. Be mindful of trigger warnings: We understand that some topics may be triggering for some members. Please be mindful of this and use trigger warnings when necessary.

  4. No trolling: Trolling or intentionally causing chaos will not be tolerated. We want our community to be a positive and supportive space for all women.

  5. Respect moderators: Our moderators are responsible for enforcing our community guidelines. We kindly request that members refrain from harassing or bullying our moderators, or publicly challenging their decisions. If you have any concerns or disagree with a moderator's decision, please reach out to them directly to discuss it in a respectful manner.

These guidelines are subject to change. Any updates will be posted and communicated to members.


The following behaviors are considered spam unless otherwise specified in the group chat's description:

  1. Promotion: Self-promotion of personal or business pages is prohibited unless explicitly requested by members. Answering a member's request for promotion is permissible.

  2. Repetitive messages: Sending identical messages multiple times in a row or to various subgroups are not allowed.

  3. Unnecessary tagging: Tagging users in messages that do not involve them directly is prohibited.

  4. Direct messages: Messages intended for specific users and not involving others should be sent as direct messages.

  5. Unsolicited messages: Sending messages to users who did not ask for or consent to receiving them is not allowed.

  6. Misleading content: Including links that promise one type of content but deliver something substantially different is prohibited.

  7. Like/share requests: Posts that require users to like, share, or engage with content.

  8. Like/share-gating: Landing pages that require users to like, share, or engage with content before gaining access to it are not allowed.

  9. Deceptive redirect behavior: Websites that require an action (e.g., captcha, watch the ad, click here) to view expected landing page content and domains that change after the required action is completed, are prohibited.


Messages that are adverts must go through admins to ensure that our community remains a safe and respectful space for everyone. Admins are responsible for ensuring that all content shared in the community is relevant, appropriate, and follows our guidelines. If members are allowed to post advertisements without being vetted by admins, it could lead to spamming, irrelevant content, and potential scams or unsafe practices. By having admins review and approve advertisements, we can ensure that our community remains a trustworthy source of information and a positive environment for all members. Additionally, it allows for equal opportunity for all members to share their products or services and prevents any unfair advantages.

To advertise via our chats, click here to message an admin


We're here to help you! If you ever come across any discrepancies or need to get in touch with our community managers, please feel free to send us an email at hello@womenofhongkong.along with a screenshot or description of the issue. This way, we can better understand your situation and provide you with the assistance you need.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

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