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Mystic oud is a super mystic scented candle with different notes that leave a unisex Arabic scent that brings you to the middle east. This Aroma Mystic oud Candle creates differentiated fragrances which project fixation to a busy mind and brings mental peace around you. It celebrates the bubbly parts of your personality and helps to mitigate the temperamental, moody aspects, and keeps you calm. ⁠

They have three different notes which will blow your mind, the top one brings an engaging aroma of pepper and Bergamot. And then this pleasing perfume of Geranium, Lavender, Sichuan Pepper, Elemi Pink Pepper, Vetiver, Grass Patchouli from the middle note brings refreshment. The candle ends with a beautiful everlasting aroma of Cedar.

So, what's better than getting yourself a comfortable space with amazing mesmerizing fragrances which soothe stress after a whole hard day's work.

Burn Time: 80 Hours
Fragrance: Mystic aroma with Pepper, lavender, and cedar
100% natural soy wax
100% cotton, lead-free wicks


Hand-poured in Hong Kong

AB Mystic Oud

  • 280ml

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