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The LARQ Pitcher PureVisTM goes beyond filtration with a unique 2-step filtration and purification process for pure-tasting water sip after sip.

  • Better filtration -  Our innovative plant-based filters are independently tested to the highest standards to be effective against pollutants like lead, chlorine, mercury, VOCs, cadmium, particulates, and more.
  • PureVisTM UV-C LED - Proprietary PureVisTM technology purifies your water by destroying bio-contaminants at the molecular level.
  • Self-cleaning & worry-free - PureVisTM technology works seamlessly in the background to keep your water and pitcher clean 24/7.
  • Intelligent filter life tracking - Smart sensors track the volume of water filtered through. Take the guesswork out of filter replacements.
  • Long-lasting filters - 60-gal filter capacity lasts up to 50% longer than traditional filters. Talk about powerful.
  • LARQ App - Your personal control center for LARQ Filter life tracking and device management. (iOS only)

WaterlinksLARQ PureVis Filter Pitcher

  • 2 L

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