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Bauhinia Solutions Limited

Bauhinia Solutions Limited

Are You Looking For Help To Get Things Done? Whether you’re looking for someone who can support you with email management, or keep you on track with your business operations, we can help.


As Hong Kong-based business specialists, admin professionals, and virtual assistants we offer part-time support to coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and service-oriented teams.

As your part-time assistant we are dedicated and committed to your business as if it were our own. Interested in knowing more? We're happy to have a no-obligation, telephone call to discuss your immediate needs.

We alleviate your stress and overwhelming to-do-list, by doing your repetitive, client-focused, administration, and marketing work. Therefore, we happily take on those tasks and projects from your “too hard” or “not enough time” baskets.

Interested? Schedule a call with Nicole Graham,


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