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Spindel HK

Spindel HK

The Spindel uses centrifugal force to expel excess moisture in your laundry that is left behind after washing.


This stylish home appliance only requires a 3 minute cycle, carrying up to 6.5kg of wet clothes, linen and towels. By spinning at 2800 RPM it will disperse up to 80% of water – along with leftover laundry detergent.

In Hong Kong, drying laundry is a real challenge. Most of us are limited when it comes to discreet hanging space... we either turn our spare room into a permanent "dehumidify-ing cave", or have the aircon running all year round.

Spindel is the solution.... It's eco-friendly, safe for all fabrics, quick and quiet. Once you have one, you wont be able to live without it!
The Spindel will not damage clothing by spinning – as the items will not roll around loose in the drum. It’s safe for all fabrics like handwashed silk and wool, and of course- reusable “cloth” nappies.

· It uses less than 1% of electricity compared to a tumble dryer. It is the best home appliance with the most noticable difference to electricty costs.

· The time to dry laundry after spinning will depend on various factors such as the ambient temperature and humidity, and the fabric itself. Generally speaking, after a Spindel cycle most laundry can dry indoors overnight, or within two hours under direct sunlight.

· Additional Moisture removed by the Spindel:

3 large cotton towels: washing machine spinning @ 800 RPM = 1000ml excess water

3 large cotton towels: washing machine spinning @ 1000 RPM = 600ml excess water

< Spindel comes with a 12 month warranty from date of purhase. >


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