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Tracy Tsang

Tracy Tsang

Tracy Tsang is an Emotional and Energy Healer for high level female entrepreneurs.


Tracy Tsang empowers high level female entrepreneurs to overcome self esteem issues (e.g. Feeling of not good enough, Feeling unworthy, Imposter Syndrome, Fear of Public Speaking) and clear energy blocks that are holding them back in life so they can reclaim their personal power, voice and happiness.

Using RTT®, a highly effective set of techniques which combines CBT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Tracy helps clients to understand and heal the root causes of their struggle, replace negative self sabotaging patterns with positive self empowering beliefs and actions, and guide them through a phenomenal personal transformation to become their authentic best self, typically creating significant improvements within 2 – 3 sessions.

Tracy is trained in RTT® Methodology and Quantum Coaching, which enables her to offer in depth support for clients when it comes to healing both emotional and energetic blocks, and manifesting the life and business they want with ease.



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