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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of

The Women's Lounge.

Please complete the following form to apply for the monthly membership. The Women's Lounge is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for working, networking, learning, sharing, and relaxation for our members and the community at large. As such, we prioritise members that advocate the progression of women.

Lounge Membership

max 60 people

Membership Duration: 6 Months

Membership Fee Breakdown

March onwards =

$1,980 per month


  1. Access to The Lounge, 9 am-6 pm weekly

  2. High-speed WIFI

  3. Central Location

  4. Outdoor Terrace

  5. Focus Coin for boundary-setting

  6. Dedicated indoor space for focused work and social opportunity

  7. Vanity Room

  8. Meeting Room

  9. Unlimited coffee, tea and Alkaline water

  10. Community Resources

  11. Up to 30% off Signature Events

  12. Access to Women of Hong Kong Network

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Lounge Membership Application

Personal Information


On a scale of 1-10, please rate your...

Level of Self-Awareness
Level of Accountability
Level of Empathy towards Others
Level of Open-Mindedness

Motivation & Expectations:

Respect for Diversity and Inclusion:

Code of Conduct and Safe Space Guidelines:

Are you willing to abide by the lounge's code of conduct and safe space guidelines?

Personal Boundaries and Privacy:

Availability and Commitment:

How frequently do you anticipate visiting the lounge?
Which Events & Actvities are you interested in attending?

Additional Information:

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TWL Application
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