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Thu, May 26


ZOOM Webinar


From Decision Fatigue to Clarity - Mental health professionals collaborate to host a free digital event for Hong Kong to STEP FORWARD after the loss and change of the pandemic and get clarity on the future.

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May 26, 2022, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

ZOOM Webinar


We have been through some tough times, Hong Kong. Our mental wellness has been impacted by massive change, uncertainty, and loss. It’s time to step forward together. WOHK x Sonia Samtani welcome you to join a week of digital wellness talks where we will tackle: managing change, loss, anxiety, and judgement. Let’s move towards the future with renewed energy and acceptance.

FREE to register

DAY 1 - May 24:

Accepting Change and Loss

Hong Kong has experienced enormous change over the past few years. For many of us, this feels like a loss: loss of time, experiences, opportunities, finances, and the loss of a future Hong Kong that is unclear. This session will help you understand loss and how to manage it and move forward.


Sonia Samtani

Brian Henderson

Learning Points:

- Loss and change - how to approach it

- Change and why it's hard

- 5 actionable tips and steps to move forward


DAY 2 - May 25:

Overcoming Anxiety

Uncertainty, stress, packed schedules, closed schools and diminished experiences - some of the external factors that can cause or heighten anxiety. In this session, we explore anxiety and how to move past it.


Caroline Rhodes

Learning Points:

- Understanding anxiety

- The role of judgment in anxiety

- 5 steps to manage your anxiety


DAY 3 - May 26:

From Decision Fatigue to Clarity

So much about life in Hong Kong is unclear. Do you find planning for the future  challenging at the moment? You’re not alone - the city is suffering from widespread decision fatigue. If you are seeking clarity, motivation and greater focus, this session is for you.


Sarah Kalmeta

Hersha Chelleram

Learning Points:

- Decision fatigue: what is it and why does it happen?

- How to move away from foggy thinking and get clarity

- 5 tips for getting clarity, better energy, and vitality


DAY 4 - May 27:

No Judgement Zone

We all judge, Hong Kong. We judge ourselves, others, and the situation we are in. But how does this hinder our relationships and happiness? Let’s explore judgment in this session - how to be aware of your own judgment, how to manage it, and how to form better relationships. We will also cover adult bullying and friendship issues.


Pia Muggreud

Mary Cheung

Learning Points:



DAY 5 - May 28:

Moving Out of the MEH

So, you’re not depressed, you’re okay, but that’s it. Things are just a bit, well, MEH. Sound familiar? We get it. This extended period of life being “on hold” has left many of us lacking in zest and excitement. If you want to move out of autopilot, get unstuck and STEP FORWARD towards a brighter outlook, this session is for you.


Colin Simmons


All About You Center

Learning Points:

- How to pivot towards success

- Understanding your why

- 5 tips to move forward


DAY 6 - May 29:

Raising the Future - conscious parenting family session

School closures, excessive screen time, loss of movement and activities, mask wearing, friends leaving - kids have been deeply affected by the pandemic. How do we help our children STEP FORWARD and live happy, healthy lives? How do we answer their questions in a responsible, kind, positive way? Join Hong Kong mamas for a panel session that covers all the above and more.


Ziggy Markan


Menka Amin

Dervla Louli

Kimberly Carder

Learning Points:

- Managing kids mental health

- Helping anxious kids

- The role of the parent

- Making a plan for their future

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