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Introducing the Women's Lounge, an unparalleled social wellness space that prioritizes inclusivity amongst women, and fosters genuine connections. Our unique establishment provides a secure environment for networking, collaboration, education, sharing, and rejuvenation. 

Members Only Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday | 9:00 am - 6: 00 pm

What is The Women's Lounge?

We have meticulously designed this space to provide a nurturing and secure atmosphere for work, networking, education, sharing, and relaxation, ensuring our members enjoy a truly exceptional experience.

Our curated lounge offers a unique platform for connection, skill-sharing, quiet work spaces, outdoor meetings, indoor workshops, designated chill zones, social tables, private rooms, and limitless possibilities. From our beautiful thought-provoking focus area, to our vibrant oasis outside, our offerings cater to your interests and aspirations. Join us in this inclusive Women's Lounge where women's voices are celebrated, forging a powerful network of support. 

Welcome to The Women's Lounge, where your journey to success flourishes.

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Why the Women's Lounge?

Space for Solitude & Focus

Our unique establishment is designed for unwavering focus, enhanced productivity, and cherished moments of solitude. The lounge is well thought out, with solutions for problems we didn’t know we had such as having signal tokens that sit on your desk to either invite conversation or ask those in the network to give you the space needed to enhance productivity, or something as simple as having designated places to hide our handbags behind our workstations. The sound environment is specifically designed so that zoned areas within the lounge allow different levels of music and interaction- from private meeting rooms to soft music and lighting, there is something for everyone.

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Products by Members

Discover more than just a shopping experience at our retail space. When you choose to purchase products here, you become a part of something bigger – supporting the businesses of our valued members, the very women who have contributed to the growth of the network. We understand the immense effort and passion it takes to create a quality business, and that's why we're dedicated to showcasing their talents. Step inside our warm and inviting lounge, where you'll be greeted by an exquisite gallery featuring a diverse range of products. With captivating archways and plenty of room to browse at your leisure, this space is thoughtfully curated to highlight businesses and talents in the realms of beauty and sustainability.

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Opportunities for Connection

Embrace a supportive network that empowers your entrepreneurial vision and cultivates meaningful connections. Be part of a community that values genuine interactions and fosters personal and professional growth. At our lounge, we prioritize your social wellbeing by implementing lounge rules that uphold respect and inclusivity. Leave behind gossip and pettiness, and embrace a space where diverse opinions and beliefs are honored and celebrated. Here, you'll find a vibrant tapestry of connections, from ambitious businesswomen and inspiring students to nurturing moms and experienced mentors. Unleash your entrepreneurial vision and unlock boundless opportunities by joining our thriving network.


Events & Activities that Impact

Ignite your personal and professional growth through events and activities at The Women's Lounge. Our line-up provides the perfect platform for members to showcase their expertise to the network or become curious guests, learning from the wealth of knowledge within our community. Get ready to immerse yourself in our weekly signature events, carefully designed to cater to your interests and aspirations. Join us for Business Mondays, where ambitious businesswomen gather to network and forge valuable connections. Tuesdays are all about fun and games, with exciting Game Nights that promise laughter and friendly competition. Wednesdays are dedicated to empowering workshops, led by our very own members who are eager to share their skills and insights. Thursdays bring thought-provoking panels and fireside conversations, where diverse perspectives are celebrated. Fridays mark the beginning of the weekend, with social evenings filled with joy and camaraderie. While weekdays are exclusively for members, our doors open to the public on weekends, providing an inclusive space for all. And on Sundays, we wholeheartedly honor the backbone of our city – domestic helpers, migrant workers, and refugees.

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Benefits of Lounge Membership

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