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Alternative Health & Lifestyle

Alternative Health & Lifestyle

Alternative Health & Lifestyle

Practicing at Balance Health Holistic Health Clinic

Hafsa has spent 6 years researching, developing and testing unique and functional ways to improve health and well-being in a holistic whole body approach that supports the physical body and the mental body. Her unique methods and diverse range of treatments give her a predictable framework to assess and deliver the best care to her clients

Hafsa is a certificated MD of alternative medicine with a background in pathology, physiology, ayurvedic, tibetan and energy medicine. She is also a certified bodywork practitioner, certified counselor/ psychotherapist, certified spiritual life coach and a natural born healer, that started noticing her intuitive abilities at the age of 5. She has always been committed to helping others to create positive change in their lives. She is compassionate and caring and tailors all her treatments to meet the needs of each individual; ensuring they are rejuvenated after each session

So if you've had pain or stress and want an alternative way to support your journey to full recovery , Then book a session with The slayer because she'll slay pain, stress, tension and fear way

Reasons why people see Hafsa:
Stress headaches
Back pain
Neck and shoulders pain
Difficulty sleeping
Fatigue and low energy
Sciatica/leg pain
Stress and emotional stability
Mobility issues
Pain and tension from Pre and post pregnancy
Spiritual progression/growth
Life goals
Trauma and healing

Things we've accomplished..

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Hafsa Sana Khan


Health & Wellbeing


27/F, Universal Trade Center, 3 Arbuthnot Rd, Central, Hong Kong

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