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APJ Marketing Consultants

APJ Marketing Consultants

APJ Marketing Consultants

Welcome to the world of strategic marketing and business development! I am a marketing consultant dedicated to empowering start-ups and helping them achieve remarkable growth. With my expertise in designing effective strategies, I assist businesses in scaling their operations and reaching new heights.
I specialize in connecting businesses, both locally and globally, fostering valuable partnerships and collaborations. Through my extensive network and industry contacts, I have the unique ability to connect your start-up with relevant partners in Asia and beyond.
Whether it's crafting compelling branding and consumer strategies, developing impactful content strategies, or devising promotional strategies encompassing social media and web platforms, I offer comprehensive guidance tailored to the unique needs of each start-up. From conceptualization to execution, I provide end-to-end support, ensuring that your marketing campaigns yield tangible results.
Additionally, I excel in business development strategies that enable companies to expand their footprint in the dynamic Asian markets. Leveraging my experience and network, I can connect your business with potential partners, distributors, and other businesses in Asia and beyond, helping you unlock new avenues for growth and market penetration.
Partner with me to unlock the full potential of your start-up. Together, we will chart a course for success, harnessing the power of strategic marketing, business development, and meaningful connections to accelerate your growth, both locally and globally.

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Anu has extensive experience working and consulting for companies of different sizes - from MNC to local start-up. She is a very good listener and knows the pain points that leadership and management are facing at different levels. In my recent project with Anu, she helped the inhouse team build a comprehensive customer experience funnel, starting from persona building to developing omnichannel touchpoints. This has become the foundation of every efforts of our digital marketing team for the years to come. I would definitely recommend Anu to anyone looking for a marketing strategy consultant and you won't be disappointed by her professional expertise, curiosity in understanding your problems and her genuineness.

Ho Tong Wu
Director, Vijnana HK
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