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Bizibuz Education Platform

Bizibuz Education Platform

Bizibuz Education Platform

Bizibuz is an all-in-one education platform that helps parents:
♥ Find, book and schedule supplementary education out of the largest range of activities in HK
♥ Automate the enrolment, payment and rescheduling of children’s activities (no more building spreadsheets or waiting for education centres to respond to your whatsapp!)
♥ Track their child’s development and receive targeted advice to support that child’s optimal learning
♥ Navigate all aspects of a child’s education from schooling choices, to SEN support, to admissions guidance
► We do this by applying proprietary technology solutions and working with over 1,000 education centres and schools across HK!

Things we've accomplished..

Bizibuz is founded by working mums for working mums. We've built the proprietary technology from the ground up. We're proud of having saved time, money and the sanity of over 100,000 users (mostly mums) when dealing with after school activities in the last 12 months. But we're most proud of having improved the quality and impact of supplementary education for their kids by
a) only partnering with high quality education businesses and
b) providing parents with a range of decision support tools developed in conjunction with the Education University of HK, Polytechnic University, and top international schools (CIS, CDNIS) so that parents understand their children's learning talents, challenges, and development over time, and can make more optimal education decisions as a result.

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Cristy Almeida


Business Support, Coaching & Education, For Children, Women's Communities


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Before Bizibuz there were not a lot of ways to find the best classes because I would always have to do a lot of research or talk to different mums. Bizibuz is the one platform, one solution that helps you find classes, and handle the enrolment, reschedulings and cancellations. I don't have to worry about classes anymore. It's really something that I love.

Po Chen
A busy Mum and user!
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