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Botanium Care is an award-winning brand of top quality wellness & self-care products that deliver results. Our products are minimally processed, handcrafted in small batches with plant-derived ingredients, delivered in earth-friendly packaging.

We strongly believe in the power of nature and are passionate about sharing this with our customers. We value a holistic, minimalistic and clean approach - our ingredients are mindfully sourced to ensure these are organic and unrefined where possible, plant-based, sustainable and of the best quality.

We maintain transparency in our labels - no mysterious or toxic ingredients within our formulations. We do not add empty ingredients for the sole purpose of bulking up volumes. We make sure our final products are free of harmful ingredients, cruelty, synthetic fragrance & colours.

Naturally, we love this planet earth we call home - at BotaniumCare, we make a continued commitment to minimise our impact to the environment by aligning our operations with that of a circular economy. All our final products are packaged in glass or aluminium, materials that are not only effective in protecting our products but also highly recyclable or repurposable, and aim for them not to be single-use. We also offer to take back our empty packaging for recycling or repurposing, to enable our customers a zero waste lifestyle.*

We aim to do more and better with less by handcrafting our products in small batches. It is our aim to bring a better quality of life and minimise the use of natural resources so as not to jeopardize the needs of future generations. Our objective are aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 12 - Sustainable Consumption & Production. We use processes and systems that are non-polluting, that conserve and preserve energy and natural resources, that are economically viable, safe and healthy for crafters and consumers, and that are socially and creatively rewarding.

By buying from a local brand like BotaniumCare, our customers are making a conscious decision to improving their overall wellbeing which minimising negative environment impact.

We visualise a future where our next generations enjoy clear blue skies, clean fresh air and crystal clear seas, a time when people live in harmony with nature and that organic supplies and food are within everyone’s reach, and that there is no plastic waste whether on land or in the oceans.

Do you have the same vision?

Join us today! Together we can make a difference.

*Packaging recycling currently available in Hong Kong only.

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