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Liquidz HK

Liquidz HK

Liquidz HK

Since 2009, we have enjoyed bringing you the best LIQUIDZ right to your doorstep. Be it our fun liqueurs and spirits, fine wines or fabulous champagnes, we have kept it flowing just for you! What’s more, our timely distribution and supply of alcohol has been unanimously praised and appreciated over the last nine years and we are now taking it to the next level.

From private events and public celebrations, to nights out at restaurants and clubs, our brand LIQUIDZ aims to make its intoxicating presence – and taste – felt throughout Hong Kong. A glance into our portfolio gallery of recent events already paints a sparkling picture of success. Having sponsored the alcohol for corporate affairs; we have served seminars and conferences, in the entertainment arena we have done events like; annual dinners and festivals etc.

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Muskaan Samtani


Food & Beverage, Gifts & Personalization


321 Beverley commercial. TST

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