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Empowering Moments: The Highlights of Our International Women's Day Event of 2024!

Women of Hong Kong IWD 2024 #INSPIREINCLUSION event made possible by the generous support of April International & Cascade Train Teach Learn.

© Photo by Edry Mendoza | Panel 1, Inclusive Leadership. From Left to Right: Stephanie Ng, Abby Cadman, Anushka Purohit, Sarah Vee and Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha

"Listen to the worm in your tummy — meaning, listen to your intuition!"

-Stephanie Ng, Founder and Executive Director at Body Banter shares a key takeaway during the first panel, "Inclusive Leadership".

Buckle up as I spill some tea on our International Women's Day 2024 event. Let's be real, organising an event is like riding a rollercoaster with a few unexpected loops and turns (Picture this: frantically running around like a headless chicken from Central to Sheung Wan to Wan Chai. My mission? To find a compatible microphone for our PA system which, of course decided to malfunction just before the event!).

But hey, amidst the minor set back, we owe a massive shoutout to our incredible sponsors. They were the unsung heroes who provided the perfect backdrop, helped stock our goodie bags, and curated engaging activities. We also want to extend a special thanks to the amazing vendors who participated and brought their unique offerings to our event. Their unwavering support ensured that our event was a seamless and unforgettable experience for our guests. Certainly not least, a heartfelt thank you goes out to the community members who volunteered their time and energy to make this event a reality. Brooke, Afroditi, Christine, Glycel, Ritu, and our youngest member Samantha - I couldn't have done it without you! 🥹

Fast forward to the event, the doors swung open at 2pm on the dot, and in flooded our incredible community. The excitement was contagious! But, let's talk about the grazing table. I swear, those bite-sized wonders had a mind of their own. I may or may not have snuck a few canapés for myself during set up. 👀

Oh, and the drinks! Our drink sponsors really knew how to keep the party going. Liquors AND liquor-less! There was something for everyone so the glasses were never empty!

Photo by Jayson Wu | Left: Teodora Lazarova and Tidimalo Shabalala. Right: Drinks sponsored by Liquorles & Vines and Terroirs

THE PANEL SPEAKERS, oh boy! Despite missing out on watching the panel due to my running around, I was absolutely thrilled to hear about the incredible impact it had on the attendees. They truly left a lasting impression! They fearlessly tackled important topics like Inclusive Leadership, Challenging (dare I say - dismantling) Ageism, and Amplifying Voices with such passion and conviction. I couldn't help but feel a sense of connection and motivation, even from afar. This shared experience, serves as a reminder of the power of meaningful conversations and that we all have the ability to break down barriers and make a difference in our own unique ways.

"Fail Fast, Fail Forward"

- Abby Cadman, CEO of Feste Group, shares a key takeaway during the first panel, "Inclusive Leadership".

Photo by Jayson Wu | Yamilette Cano, Crisel Consunji, Isabel Wong and Sarah Vee.

But let me tell you, the most heartwarming highlight of the event was the messages we received from our amazing guests and members. Hearing how the event made them feel included, welcomed, and genuinely happy warmed our hearts like nothing else. It's moments like these that remind us why we do what we do. 💖

Encouraging feedback from members who attended our International Women's Day on March 9, 2024

A heartwarming message from Sophie Marrie, Director of My Rooftop Is Green, about her experience working with our team.

Thank you everyone for being a part of this incredible experience and for making it truly special. Together, we'll continue to uplift one another, break barriers, and continue being a catalyst for change. 😉

Photo by Jayson Wu | Guests listen intently to the panel

To experience the uniqueness and inclusiveness of our community,

Come and join us at our Events!

On behalf of the WOHK team,

With love and in support,

Faith Baguisa Community and Relationship Manager

Women of Hong Kong

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It was a fantastic event! So proud to be a part of it! So grateful to have met so many unique women!!!

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