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Here's What You Need To Know About The Women's Lounge (Part 1)

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Blog updated on 22 AUG 23 to reflect recent changes to the venue.

If you've been following our journey, you would know that we've had the opportunity to build a space so aptly named the Common Room. It was quaint, cosy, and, most importantly, meant to be a safe little space for our members! It is true when they say that life often has a peculiar way of teaching us invaluable lessons, especially through unexpected twists and turns. Just when we think we have lost something precious, things return to us in ways we could never have imagined.

Fast forward to today, we have been blessed with a bigger and better space. It no longer is a room for our members, but rather a collaborative space, an inclusive space for our members to recharge, work, network, showcase and support each other’s businesses. We’d like to officially introduce you to...

The Women’s Lounge

At the Women’s Lounge, our goal is to create an environment that amplifies personal and professional growth, cultivate a culture of collaboration, and embrace diverse perspectives and experiences. We believe that empowerment and support are the catalysts for growth and success. By harnessing this strength, we can create a positive and lasting impact in our community for generations to come.

Mission & Vision

Social wellness is crucial for overall well-being. Having a dedicated space allows individuals to come together and build positive relationships and connections with others. It’s our mission to promote a sense of community and belonging, leading to improved mental health outcomes, reduced risk of chronic diseases, and increased happiness and life satisfaction. We envision our space to serve as a resource providing opportunities to learn new skills, participate in group activities, and engage in meaningful conversations with others.

What You'll Find in Our Space

As you step in...

▪️ The Vendors Space

You will be welcomed into our reception where we proudly showcase the business and products of our dedicated members. This area is curated to offer a nostalgic experience, reminiscent of stepping into your grandmother's foyer. Here, you'll find her most precious items beautifully displayed, reflecting the diverse talents and passions of our inspiring community.

▪️ The Lounge and Common Room Areas

As you pass through the Vendors Space, you'll enter a lounge replica designed to inspire and encourage collaboration. With a main table for brainstorming, and a cosy day bed for daydreaming, this space is perfect for fostering creativity and connection. Take a break from your busy day by exploring the two columns of bookshelves, filled with a diverse array of literature to help you brainstorm ideas or refresh your mind.

▫️ Adjacent to the main table, you'll find banquette seats and individual tables at sizes of 65*80cm to encourage more focused work. This is where it sets apart from being a lounge area, reminiscent of common rooms or co-working spaces.

▪️ The Meeting Room

This space is secluded and a professional environment where you can conduct confidential discussions, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate with clients or team members without any distractions. With a projector screen and a meeting table that seats 8-10 members, it'll foster productivity, encourage focused conversations, and enhance the overall professionalism of your business interactions, ensuring that you can make the most out of your workday in a conducive and private setting. There's also going to be coffee and alkaline water provided on the house!

▪️ The Pantry

With tall bar tables and a versatile kitchen island, our space encourages collaboration and breaks away from traditional workspaces. But it's not just about work; we understand the importance of connection and creativity, which is why our tall tables and kitchen island easily combine, creating a hub of possibilities to accommodate our members' workshops (candle-making, calligraphy, tarot-reading, anything under the sun!). At the end of the room sits our counter, giving access to freshly brewed coffee and all-you-can-drink alkaline water, acknowledging the significance of nourishing both body and mind. And beside it, a screen displays our members' business directory, eliminating barriers and paving the way for authentic connections to form.

▪️ The Terrace

The cherry on top, with a 600 square feet terrace, this versatile space is where members can embrace the beauty of the outdoors while finding solace or engaging in productive activities. Whether you prefer working under the warm rays of the sun or seeking a moment of tranquility, our terrace provides the perfect setting. It is an oasis where you can find solitude amidst the hustle and bustle of the co-working environment. Additionally, the terrace serves as an ideal spot to step out and join or host yoga or meditation sessions, allowing you to find balance and rejuvenation in the midst of your busy day.

▪️ The Ceiling Fans

We believe that every small step towards sustainability has the power to make a profound impact on our environment and society as a whole. Furthermore, "The Ceiling Fans" is a beautiful ode to our team's cultural backgrounds and heritage.

A sneak-peak of the first draft of our floor plan by House of Butler.

How the Lounge will Operate

Our operating hours have been thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs and schedules of our members. We are committed to providing flexibility and accessibility, ensuring that you can make the most of your membership.

Hours of Operation

On weekdays we'll be open from 8:00am to 8:00pm whilst on weekends we'll be open from 9:00am to 8:00pm or subject to event/activity schedule. We also have two types of curated operating hours from Monday to Friday called Solitude and Buzz. We encourage members to invite friends and family to our "Open House" events on weekends!

We recognise the importance of accommodating diverse schedules so in due course, we will be extending weekend operating hours to Saturdays 9:00am-9:00pm, and Sundays 9:00am-8:00pm.

What is Solitude hours?

We understand the importance of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of work and daily life. That's why we have designated time for solitude where distractions such as phone calls and loud noises are not permitted. During this time, individuals can focus on their own thoughts, feelings, and tasks. Whether it's through meditation, journaling, or simply enjoying the silence, this dedicated time for solitude and focus can be a powerful tool for personal and professional growth and development.

Solitude Hours

Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 11:00am and 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

What is Buzz hours?

In contrast, we also recognise the need for connection and collaboration. That's why we have designated Buzz Hours where phone calls and meetings are permitted, and conversation is encouraged. This is a time for open communication, brainstorming, and building relationships with colleagues, friends, and peers. Whether it's hosting a meeting, engaging in a lively debate, or simply catching up with a friend, this dedicated time for connecting with others can be a powerful tool for building meaningful relationships and achieving shared goals.

Buzz Hours

Monday to Friday from 11:00am to 2:00pm and 5:00pm till closed

Token Indicator


We do understand that not everyone is able to work according to a fixed schedule and would sometimes still need to focus during Buzz Hours. So to tackle that, we are so excited to announce that we will be implementing a token system where members can indicate their availability to connect or their preference for a do-not-disturb mode. Similar to popular work platforms, this token will have a red side for "DND" and a green side for "available," providing a visual cue to others.

Events & Activities

We grasp the transformative power of events and activities in fostering authentic connections, personal growth, and professional development. Crafting events that are inclusive, empowering, and vibrant is a crucial component of our mission to advocate for success and create a community of support and equity. From networking events, workshop sessions to panels, each carefully curated activity provides a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and elevate careers.

Lounge Schedule

Business Monday

Monday evenings will be dedicated to helping businesses flourish through networking, including industry nights, mentorship opportunities, or "Meet&Greet" influential individuals.

Tuesday Games

Tuesday evenings is when we come together to play a variety of games. We welcome seasoned gamers or newbies to the world of games. Think card games, UNO, Monopoly, Scrabble, Catan, Game of Life, Charades and more!

Wednesday Workshops

Workshops hosted by members, for members. The workshops are designed to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, skill-building, and community engagement.

Thursday Talks

Think panels and fireside chats hosted by members, for members. These talks are designed to provide opportunities for learning and speaking up about important topics.

Friday Socials

Friday evenings are all about socialising and having fun! Join us for theme night parties, cocktails, and entertainment. Whether you're a member or not, everyone is welcome to unwind after a busy week and make new friends.

Saturday (Family & Friends)

Saturdays are for family fun! Members can host workshops, activities, and events like arts and crafts, cooking, and fitness for kids. Afternoons are for socialising with friends over book clubs, clothing swaps, or brunch.

Sunday (Is for Giving Back)

Sundays are a time for members to give back to the community by hosting workshops, activities, and events that are free for migrant workers and refugees. Members can organise a range of events, from language classes to cultural workshops, to sports activities.

Collaborations & Private Events

Can the Women's Lounge be booked for events?


Can we collaborate on an event?

Of course!

The Meeting Room and The Terrace are available for booking whilst the The Pantry is available for hosting events. Whether you're organising an important business meeting, hosting a thought-provoking or interactive workshop, or gathering fellow trailblazers for a brainstorming session these spaces are your canvas to create and connect.

Do we need a Venue Pass?

Yes. While our space is dedicated to serve as a sanctuary for our members, we want to emphasise that our doors are open for connection. This can easily be unlocked by holding a venue pass or an event ticket.

Monthly Pass, Day Pass & Benefits

Stay tuned ;) We'll announce this soon!


If you've read all the way through, thank you! You're an epitome of support and we invite you to join our dynamic community of diverse women at The Women's Lounge. Remember, this isn't just brick and mortar. This is a testament of a space where we celebrate our unique stories and empower each other to unleash our full potential. We strive to make a lasting impact, change lives, and shape a brighter future, and your presence and voice make all the difference. Let's continue to rewrite the narrative and create a world where every woman's dreams can thrive.

Together, we are unstoppable! 💪🌟✨

On behalf of the WOHK team,

With love and in support,

Faith Baguisa

Co-Creator of The Women's Lounge & Community Manager of Women of Hong Kong

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21 sie 2023

@Sarah Vee @Faith B Well done on powering through to a much better outcome. Let's talk about getting VOUEE in the Vendors Space when ready.

Nieznany użytkownik
21 sie 2023
Odpowiada osobie:

Thank you Nina! And absolutely!! 💖


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19 sie 2023

Excited to connect with many more like minded women through this space. Thank you for keeping us posted

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21 sie 2023
Odpowiada osobie:

Thank you Sherry! Can't wait to have you!!


Nieznany użytkownik
16 sie 2023

So excited for yet another amazing venture from WOHK. I remember starting this year not so long ago with a modest number of members and to see the organic growth and support today is truly heartwarming ❤️congratulations 🎉🎉🎉Super Job Sarah and Faith

Nieznany użytkownik
21 sie 2023
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Thank you Jhanvi!! So so excited for US!!


Nieznany użytkownik
16 sie 2023

Great write up darling! Such exciting times ahead and this gets all that across Perfectly! (Plus who doesn’t love a good gif) super excited to see the place and well done 🥳🥳🥳

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21 sie 2023
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Hahaha call me the GIF Queen!!


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14 sie 2023

Thank you Faith for building our anticipation ☺️

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21 sie 2023
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Thank you Myriam for your unwavering support!!!

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