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We're so close to launching.. grab a premium or business memberhip now!


Choose a membership based on your needs.


FREE membership includes:

BUSINESS membership includes:

  • Access to our Whatsapp Group with over 200+ users

  • Connect with members through Forums

  • Learn from our Classes & Courses

  • Attend Online & Offline Events

  • Support Women Led-Busineses through the Business Directory

  • Apply for Jobs by members

  • Access Services by members

  • Support Causes within the Network

  • Redeem discounted products via our Online Store



  • Redeem free products in exchange for reviews via Barter Deals

  • Redeem exclusive Premium Deals

  • Priority Booking for WoHK Events, Classes, and More

  • Engage with our members in Secret Forums such as 'Taboo Topics' and 'Sex Talk'

  • Read in-depth Real Reviews written by Members before purchasing services or products

  • Get equipped with free Resources sent monthly

  • Join Causes and meet members who share the same values as you

  • Engage in multiple Business Forums for collaborations and potential investor opportunities

  • Add Your Business to the Directory for more visibility

  • Add your business promotions and updates to our Bulletin Board

  • Add Your Profession to the Services for members to hire you

  • Add Your Events to our Events page and benefit from our platform's marketing and audience

  • Add Job Vacancies or Request Help for members to apply to

  • Add Your Class or Courses to earn from attendees

  • Access to Private Members Directory to contact the right person

  • Join monthly Business Training from sales, growth hack, marketing and customer engagement with industry professionals

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For over 7 years, our network has grown to become the most diverse and supportive group of women in Hong Kong. What started out as a social group quickly turned into a community full of support, sharing resources, advice, and recommendations. It's not hard to find a contact that you need when the community has a strong belief in the power of numbers! You'll be easily introduce to the right person when you need it.

Hey ladies, does anyone have a contact f
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On top of being able to RSVP to our events with ease, members can publish their own events and share them with the network, providing them with a platform and the audience to showcase events or create one with us. We are always looking to collaborate with members as event organizers or sponsors.



We trust our members to spill the beans about products and services that they have tried or experienced. All reviews will come directly from the community - no fluff! Our members will be able to comment on, give feedback and upvote the reviews they agree with the most ultimately delivering fully transparent and honest feedback.

Hey ladies, does anyone have a contact f
Hey ladies, does anyone have a contact f


Courses will be arranged for our members, by our members! To add to elevating the community, we want to help members build their profession and explore new skills. Our members will be able to add classes that they already teach, or that they are interested in starting. If you have the knowledge, we have the platform and network.



We want to support as many women-led businesses as we can, regardless of size or years established. Published businesses will have their own directory page with updated contact information, location and reviews. Listings will be easy to find by category and location. That way, you can truly support the women around you.

Hey ladies, does anyone have a contact f


Forums will be available to share general information and ask questions that could help the community. Groups are for different interest groups led by ambassadors in our community, such as Single Moms Network, LGBTQA+, Black Women of Hong Kong and Exchange Students. The groups will be monitored and run by ambassadors to guarantee comfort and support.



Our resources page is a helpful place for our members to find freebies and information they may need. It is solely dedicated to creating a list of recommended tools, resources, links, articles, or any other information that is relevant to anything related to helping women. This pool of resources are shared and provided by the community.



Our Members will be able to acquire answers in real-time through our Whatsapp group. Established for 5 years with over 200+ active members daily. The community is quick to share information and answer questions whenever they can and has proven to have made an impact on the community! This is the best place for short questions when you are in a hurry as opposed to the forums, where longer discussions can occur.



"Is it safe to share information with strangers? Would I actually get support from this group that I don’t know?" We take time to vet each member before they join the platform; this ensures the support provided Is genuine and adds a level of safety for our members. We will also be monitoring each area of the website, to ensure that it will always be a safe and supportive community. Hate speech, bigotry, and unkind language will not be tolerated in this group.



Members will be able to look for talented women in our group by listing job positions that are open to employers, providing a free platform to hire and recruit when needed. The goal is to share as many opportunities with our community as possible.



As a member, you will be able to show the services you can provide to the group. Whether you're a make-up artist, graphic designer, or consultant, our platform provides you with a platform to showcase your skills. You never know who might need you!



An amazing perk of being a Women of Hong Kong member is that we will be working with businesses that care about our community and our opinions. If you are part of our group, keep a look out for special offers and freebies that you won’t want to miss! You'll be able to grab limited numbers of products in exchange for a review for the business - we call this a "win-win" situation!



Our platform will have an online shop for members to enjoy! The products available will have gone through our founders to make sure the business owners and we share a common belief and, in some way, support women in Hong Kong. We are so excited to share products that we love and we think you will love them too!


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