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Businesses that played a pivotal role in the making of The Women's Lounge

Updated: Jan 23

As a heartfelt gratitude towards our members who are so generously supporting us by contributing towards raising funds to build The Women's Lounge, we are delighted to be highlighting the 30 women who are making a significant impact in helping us create a space where we celebrate our unique stories and empower each other to unleash our full potential!

Support our incredible members by visiting their websites below!

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Top 10 Contributing Members of The Women's Lounge:


By Amy Company Butler


House of Butler is a renowned full-service interior design studio based in Hong Kong. With a distinct design approach that sets them apart from other firms, they specialise in creating beautifully balanced spaces with a European flair. Their team takes immense pride in their work and is dedicated to delivering exceptional results. If you're looking to make your home, office or F&B business truly remarkable and beautiful, House of Butler is ready to collaborate with you. Contact them to discuss your interior design aspirations and let their expertise bring your vision to life. House of Butler on Instagram

Visit their business here:

Home Makeover HK - Professional Organizers

By Marianne Obena

Certified Professional Organizer and Founder

Home Makeover HK Professional Organizers, led by Certified Professional Organizer Marianne, partners with clients to transform spaces and simplify lives through decluttering, establishing efficient systems, and creating personalized, organized environments for busy professionals, families, and businesses. Their goal is to eliminate unnecessary time-wasters and provide spaces with much-needed makeovers.

Marianne's transition from Flight Attendant to home organizer started when she relocated to Hong Kong and quickly realized the challenges of adapting to a more compact living space. This transition inspired her to share her expertise with others facing similar challenges. Their unique approach includes training domestic helpers to maintain the organization established, ensuring lasting results. Additionally, hassle-free relocation services are offered to make moves stress-free.

Visit their business here:

Faved by Samanthi

By Samanthi Rambukpotha


Samanthi has taken inspiration from childhood memories and vintage jewellery mechanisms to create her contemporary chic luxury gold hardware collection, REMINISCE. Linear architectural facets have been streamlined to create this striking 18K gold collection offered in Yellow, White and Rose Gold. Designed for everyday wear.

The dazzling STARGAZE COLLECTION, a cocktail chic assortment, is designed for the ones who love colours. The generously large solitaire gems and colour play creations of jewellery, presents in its uplifting nature, supported by these beautifully structured frames that holds them on a pedestal, sparkled by light. These gorgeous gems have been collected from all over the world, sorted and calibrated for quality in Sri Lanka. These are then, especially hand cut to design by skilled artisans in Sri Lanka to create our unique Stargaze gems.

Visit their business here:

Beauty & Grooming

Sense of Touch

By Dion Leung

Managing Director

Sense of Touch is Asia’s highly awarded day spa with premium Hong Kong locations in Central, Repulse Bay, and Tseung Kwan O, delivering all-round beauty care, from relaxing and pampering treatments to state of the art aesthetic treatments to urbanites. The spa offers an escape from the bustle of city life with its indulgent pedicure lounge, Hong Kong's only Balinese inspired villa-style suites and a tropical garden for a pampering spa journey for both body and mind. Experience your unique spa journey with another level of relaxation in Hong Kong with Sense of Touch.

Visit their business here:

Zukyun Beauty

By Diane Ng

Diane suffered from sparse natural lashes - until she realised her lash appointments were to blame. Years of working with cosmetic laboratories in Korea - and Zukyun Beauty was born.

Zukyun Beauty is the 1st brand to create Do-It-Yourself At-Home lash extensions designed for a natural look. Apply in 9 minutes at home & enjoy dreamy lashes for up to 1 week in humid weather.

Zukyun Beauty's Korean-made adhesive is ophthalmologist-approved, hypoallergenic & promises zero damage to natural lashes. Unlike salon lash glue, our formulations don't contain harsh chemicals. So although our adhesive won't last a whole month, it remains flexible & allows natural lashes movement. Try before buying? Follow @zukyunbeauty on Instagram & visit their pop-ups for a FREE lash class. Use “WOHK20” for 20% off!

Business Support

Wresonate Media

By Anne Suaverdez

Founded by Anne Suaverdez, bringing over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and business development that spans legal, professional services, telecommunications, e-commerce, and FMCG, Wresonate Media helps entrepreneurs and businesses scale their digital marketing efforts to reach their business goals. Wresonate Media leverages industry experience and know-how to develop and execute marketing strategies that allow entrepreneurs to improve their digital presence and ultimately increase their bottom line while helping them navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. Wresonate Media is your partner in propelling your business forward. Because you deserve to thrive and conquer the online sphere, doing what you love.

Visit their business here:

Tidi Consulting Limited - Brand Enhancement

By Tidimalo Shabalala

I come bearing many life-altering experiences that have inspired me to create a connection to educate and inform through Social Innovation. For me, communication is the most powerful way to enlighten people and exchange information. I believe that finding creative ways to enhance and broaden a brand message opens endless opportunities. The most inspiring part is opening multiple connections and creating a space to become socially innovative. Professional Experience: After many years of working in global agencies, and executing global PR strategies. I am now taking all of my expertise to assist small business owners to better understand their brands, and most importantly find cost-effective ways to market their brand. I call this Brand Enhancement (Kickstarting conversations)

Beverage and Catering

The Bombay East Indian Girl

By Samaira Kavatkar

Samaira Kavatkar, A.K.A The Bombay East Indian Girl, is a rising star in the Hong Kong food scene. Recognised by Tatler Dining as a "Rising Star" in 2020, her refined Indian cuisine has taken the city by storm. Her collaboration with Tatler Dining X HAUS 2021 showcased her culinary prowess, pairing her dishes with the elegant Champagnes of The House of Perrier-Jouet. Kavatkar's cooking style blends East Indian flavors with Portuguese influences, utilizing fresh seasonal produce to create beautifully intricate regional dishes. She believes in slow food, making all her spice blends, pickles, chutneys, and marinades from scratch. Each element on the plate is carefully considered, resulting in an exceptional culinary experience. Follow her journey as she pushes the boundaries of Indian Cuisine

Visit their business here:

Sandy’s Kitchen

By Sundas "Sandy" Khan

Sandy’s Kitchen is a fusion of soulful home cooked cuisine with utmost love and care straight from the licensed kitchen to your stomach! Providing below services : Catering for Junk Boats, Birthdays, Parties Daily Bento Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Diet Plans and Meals Sandy’s Kitchen offers the best tiffin services and Indian/western food delivery. Our healthy and delicious home-cooked meals are delivered straight to your office, home or just anywhere in Hong Kong. At Sandy’s Kitchen, we take pride in using minimal oil and low salt in our cooking, without ever compromising on taste. We avoid preservative or chemicals in our food preparation, ensuring that you receive fresh and healthy meals every time!

Visit their business here:

Coaching & Education

Cascade Train Teach Learn

By Vannessa Misso-Veness

Cascade Train Teach Learn, at its core, is an educational training company with a steadfast commitment to empowering schools and educators to excel in their interactions with non-native English language learners. Our inception was fueled by the vision of disseminating the wealth of experience and expertise in language teaching and learning. Our reach extends across diverse regions, including Indonesia, Singapore, Jeju, Hong Kong, and mainland China, embodying our aspiration to cultivate English language proficiency and literacy through a comprehensive approach.

Distinguishing ourselves from conventional English tutoring services, we specialize in orchestrating, designing, and delivering professional development programs tailored to address the multifaceted dimensions of language, literacy, and holistic learning across the curriculum for non-English native students. Our multifaceted approach also encompasses coaching parents, training educators, offering guidance to schools, and meticulously crafting classroom environments that harmonize with the educational needs, well-being, and ultimate learning triumphs of students.

As a certified NeuroChange Method™️ practitioner, coupled with extensive experience as an English teacher, examiner, and trainer, I have pioneered the ""TLC"" Coaching Method. This innovative approach provides a structured, yet nurturing, framework designed to empower non-native English-speaking parents and their children on their linguistic journey.

Irrespective of our audience, our unwavering commitment is to curate interactive and introspective sessions that serve as catalysts for inspiration, teeming with novel ideas and infusing participants with unwavering confidence.

Visit their business here:

InGenius Prep

By Iris Wan

If you have children or are a student who wants to get into a top university but lack a clear plan, look no further, InGenius Prep can help you reach your educational goals. InGenius Prep is an educational consulting firm that empowers students in grades 8 to 12 by offering a unique opportunity to collaborate with Former College Admissions Officers, Graduate Coaches, and Research Professors from prestigious American institutions like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, among others. Students who work with them are more than 7x as likely to be admitted to a top-30 university, and over 5x as likely to be admitted to an Ivy league university. Unlock your potential and secure admission to your dream school with the help of InGenius Prep: book a free 30-minute consultation today!

Visit their business here:


By Lucie Petit

HK MODEL CAMP was developed when Lucie Petit recognised the challenges of social expectations in Hong Kong. In this fast-paced city, we often find ourselves conforming to standards and prioritising blending in. The platform aims to encourage individuality and embracing differences through creativity by using modelling as a medium. HKMC only has one “requirement” — to come with an open mind and be ready to go beyond your comfort zone!

Visit their business here:

Elaine Champion

By Elaine Champion


Elaine is an ex-corporate girl turned entrepreneur on a mission to help women play bigger. She believes that we all have the capability to create the reality of our dreams, it just takes clarity, focus and determination. Her path to clarity, freedom and fulfillment was long, messy and painful and she doesn't want that for her clients. She uses what she has learnt to guide you to find clarity, ease and fulfillment. All you have to do is Dare to Dream!

Visit their business here:

Counselling & Therapy

AMindset Psychological Services

By Elise Phillipson


AMindset: A Haven for Healing and Transformation If you are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth, look no further than AMindset. Their team of dedicated therapists is here to guide and support you every step of the way. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or simply seeking personal development, their holistic approach to therapy will empower you to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

They're a leading psychotherapy practice based in Hong Kong, dedicated to helping individuals navigate life's challenges and achieve holistic well-being. With a team of compassionate and highly skilled therapists, they provide a safe and nurturing environment where clients can explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviour.

Visit their business here:

All About You

By Sonia Samtani

All About You is a leading wellness center in Hong Kong specializing in mental wellness and working with the subconscious mind. The Centre offers private sessions, group classes, workshops, practitioner training, and products that promote self-empowerment. All About You is the only English-speaking platform in Hong Kong providing certified practitioner training for Hypnotherapy in-person. Services are provided by practitioners who are experts in Hypnotherapy, Healing, NLP, Regression Therapy, Tarot Reading, Trauma Release, Couples Counseling and Coaching. The centre is known as a space where people feel safe to address their deepest issues. The founder Sonia Samtani, has a mission to destigmatise mental health where seeing a therapist for emotional pain is as normal as seeing a doctor.

Visit their business here:

Drink & Dine

Singular Concepts

By Tiana Ludhani

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Starting from a dream during the height of the pandemic in 2020, The Daily Tot was born and Singular Concepts' 1st chapter was unveiled. Fast forward three years later with countless campaigns to support breast cancer research, Movember and men's health, food drives and mental health- Singular Concepts with core partners building through blood, sweat and pocketing out their own investments to build this, it has grown with 8 concepts & venues in its portfolio with Tiana Ludhani at its helm on marketing, branding and communications.

Visit their business here:

Fashion & Retail


By Karolina Kurzak

Maarzo was founded by women and created for modern women everywhere. They aim to celebrate femininity through their scarves. With their diverse backgrounds and multicultural heritage, they blend and mix their experiences to design and deliver sophisticated, timeless, and bold yet minimal patterns.

The scarves are not only designed with affection but also crafted with care using high-quality 100% silk. These scarves can be styled to suit personal taste, making them perfect accessories for any wardrobe. The scarves at Maarzo are produced by artisans with exceptional silk-making expertise. The company takes a slow, deliberate, and eco-conscious approach to creating their products, paying close attention to every aspect, from design to production. Their commitment to quality and dedication.

Visit their business here:

Trellis by Elyana

By Kashish Babani


Trellis by Elyana brings you a conscious alternative: luxury and sustainability can go together. Trellis is a Hong Kong-based lab-grown diamond luxury brand offering bright, beautiful, and beloved bespoke diamond jewelry. The brand offers unique engagement rings, bridal jewelry, everyday wear, and custom services. All the stones above one carat here come with a reliable IGI or GIA-graded certification. For more information, feel free to check out their instagram: @shoptrellis

Visit their business here:


By Ping Nong

Founder and Creative Director

TH&TH is the brainchild of three best friends Ping, Louie & Kitty. TH&TH specialises in premium dresses at an accessible price point. Working with suppliers that they have known for over a decade, their collections are developed and produced by a trusted team of specialists with a passion for quality, classical construction techniques and a focus on traditional bridal fabrics such as tulle, luxe satins, chiffon and crepe in pretty pastels and luxurious jewel tones. The high quality of the fabric and the make-up of each dress ensures that it can be worn time and time again to different occasions, a key message of the brand is to eliminate the idea that bridal wear can only be worn on a wedding day.

Visit their business here:


JB Consultancy Service

By Janani Jayachandar

Founder and CEO

At JB Consultancy Services, we understand the significance of your financial well-being. That's why we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that you and your business receive maximum value for your investment.

When you choose to work with us, you'll experience the expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment that I and my team bring to every client interaction. We take great pride in our craft and are fully committed to providing quality service at a pocket-friendly price. Our specialization lies in projects that prioritize cost-cutting measures and effective tax planning for individuals while we also assist with your business' bookkeeping, auditing, and company secretary services. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for personalized solutions, we are here to guide you on the path to financial success.

Visit their business here:

Fitness & Strength


By Olga V


COLORFIT it is a brand that creates, designs and produces functional and esthetic fitness equipment. The beauty of design empowers everyone with originality and self-expression and functional fitness equipment targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously resulting in a more comprehensive workout. It enables individuals to modify exercises based on their specific goals and abilities, making it suitable for beginners and advanced athletes alike. By using COLORFIT equipment that mimics these movements, individuals can improve their performance and reduce the risk of injuries in real-life scenarios. Innovation in material and shape molds of COLORFIT tools has revolutionized the industry by providing equipment that enhances performance, safety and self-expression. COLORFIT is serving yogis, tennis players, runners, hikers, elderly people- simply everyone who adores sport and active lifestyle. COLORFIT is an ambassador of aesthetics in the sports world.

Visit their business here:

For Children


By Laurence Thiel


Ô Fil de Lau offers a universe for young children with products that allow them to develop their imagination, dream and awaken to the world around them. The first collection, the zodiac animals, represents China and its culture. The 12 zodiac animals are embodied by 12 adorable crocheted soft toys: they are perfect companions for the children. They are even more, since they are becoming the heroes of their own stories!

Ô Fil de Lau proposes children’s books with poetic stories and wonderful illustrations.

Ô Fil de Lau is a social enterprise: the toys are 100% handcrafted by Chinese women. Many Chinese mothers leave their children behind them to go to big cities to find a job.

Ô Fil de Lau aims to give them a job so they can contribute to their household income while taking care of their kids.

Visit their business here:

Les Ateliers de Maya

By Marion De Sousa


"Les Ateliers de Maya” was created in 2018 with the goal of providing tailored education methods. We follow the French curriculum while respecting children’s development, learning patterns, and individual learning needs, using tools from alternative pedagogies such as Montessori. The school offers a wide range of classes from 10 months to 5 years old and more for private classes.

Conveniently located in Sai Ying Pun, a 2-minute walk from the MTR "Les Ateliers de Maya" is a family-oriented school where parents receive an extended debrief with pictures at the end of each class. Students can also benefit from a very bright class and outdoor playground. All you need to learn and have fun!

Visit their business here:

Curious Baby Elephant Artisanal Studio

By Nat Foong


Curious Baby Elephant brand is a crafted baby and children’s products that are made of natural, organic, eco-friendly materials. They are meticulously sourced for their purest certified material, quality, safety standards & sustainable nature. Each product and category is driven by a cause and has a strategic concept behind it.

Some key products are artisan handmade, while others are imported from different brands that carry the same value and beliefs in achieving their brand promise: Sustaining A Balanced Ecosystem in a World for Our Children. Also, they have partnered with the Infinite Wellness Team to support the importance of having a balanced body, mind, and spirit for moms, dads & children. Every purchase from the different categories, gives back to the respective foundations in the markets.

Visit their business here:

Cali & Lou

By Sandy Chang


Cali & Lou are selling Nordic design-inspired baby and children's goods which have been carefully selected by two cousins and moms Sandy and Vicky, who both grew up in Antwerp (Belgium) and are now living in Hong Kong.

Their mission is to offer eco-friendly and baby-safe products for the little humans on this planet, keeping functionality, simplicity and aesthetics in mind. Cali & Lou offers a range of 100% organic cotton muslin baby essentials, silicone and beech wood teethers, stacking toys, baby gift sets and more. Visit their website to discover their collections today!

Visit their business here:

Linguabox Group

By Mandy Chen


Linguabox, an esteemed online Mandarin tutoring platform, guides learners of all ages to succeed on their Mandarin journeys. Each student has different learning goals, so Linguabox offers a personalized learning experience with tailored classes. Certified native instructors lead the way, crafting curriculums that blend multimedia and interactive exercises into a vibrant language tapestry. Linguabox provides homework and school curriculum assistance, guiding students through school materials. Leverage Linguabox’s extensive HSK test preparation with comprehensive study materials, and expert guidance to conquer exams! Built on three decades of teaching excellence, Linguabox consistently earns five-star reviews from satisfied students and parents. Conquer Mandarin with Linguabox!

Visit their business here:

Gifts & Personalisation

With All My Heart

By Chloe Chan


With All My Heart is a handcrafted brand that specializes in preserved flower accessories, crafts, and workshops. This With All My Heart is a handcrafted brand that specializes in preserved flower accessories, crafts, and workshops. This brand was founded by Chloe, who passionately believes that everyone should experience the healing power of flowers.

Chloe's love for flowers started at a young age and has only grown stronger over the years. She found that preserving flowers was not only a way to keep their beauty alive but also a way to share their healing magic with others. With All My Heart was born out of this passion, and Chloe's dedication to her craft shines through in every piece she creates.

With All My Heart's preserved flower accessories and crafts are not only beautiful but also sustainable. Each piece is made with love and care, using only the highest quality materials and techniques. In addition to their products, With All My Heart also offers workshops where participants can learn the art of preserved flower crafting and discover the joy of working with these delicate blooms.

With All My Heart is more than just a brand; it's a celebration of the beauty and healing power of nature. Chloe's mission is to share this love and passion with the world, one preserved flower at a time.

Visit their business here:

Eternity Jewels

By Jhanvi Panjabi

Founder & Director

Introducing Eternity Jewels HK, an exquisite jewelry brand that embodies the essence of beauty and sustainability. Each piece of jewelry from Eternity Jewels HK is meticulously crafted with a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair.

Visit their business here:

Zen Out Candle Co.

By Rihana S.B.


We are a small local business selling handmade 100% soy wax candles crafted with love and hand poured in Hong Kong. We use blends of essential and fragrance oils which make your scents last a long time in the space you light it.

Zen Out Candle Co. is inspired by our family's obsession with perfumes and scents. Scents are nostalgic to us in so many ways as they remind us of people, places, moments and memories which linger in our hearts and minds as we move from one phase in our lives to the next. It's a little something ours to keep! On this journey of making candles, we aspire to create beautiful and soothing scents for people who enjoy the little pleasures of life. Lighting a candle in your room at the end of the day is the kind of self-love you truly deserve.

Visit their business here:


By Jerwine Bonafe Que

“The Visionary” Co-Founder

The Blomstre is the connoisseur of eco-soy candles and home fragrances based in Hong Kong. We believe in creating mindful moments through serenading your senses with beautiful notes and unique blends. Experience the wide array selections of home fragrances thoughtfully handcrafted, individually hand-poured by wife+husband duo, inspired to elevate your space. Offering personalised scented gifting to bespoke scent for corporate, eco-soy candle workshops and fragrance experience activities.

Visit their business here:

Health & Wellbeing

Michelle Harris International

By Michelle Harris


One of HK's original and most in-demand healers, Michelle is also an Amazon best-selling author, empowerment mentor, soul & life guidance coach with 25+ years’ experience mentoring others to greater peace, healing & self-discovery. A multi-award-winning healer and woman of wellness, she is sought after for deep work and authentic teachings that create lasting change.

Drawing upon her inspiring story and working with thousands of clients worldwide, she shares effective healing processes and life solutions. The Founder of a unique system of healing and various empowering initiatives, she has trail-blazed & led women & kids' empowerment through Mentorships, Empowerment Dayfest Events, Women’s Retreats, and an Empowerment School platform. She offers great healing support & guidance to the Women of Hong Kong community.

Coco Alexandra Holistic Consulting

By Coco Alexandra


Coco Alexandra, an award-winning Soul Coach, Business Mentor, Mystic Teacher, Intuitive Healer and Best Selling Author, specialises in empowering clients to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve lasting transformation through a blend of spiritual modalities and practical strategies.

With 19 years of expertise, Coco's extensive background in entrepreneurship, PR, marketing, and spiritual wisdom enriches her coaching and healing practices. She equips clients with tangible tools for personal growth, drawing upon her diverse knowledge to provide guidance and support. Her unwavering dedication to teaching and creating sacred spaces has positively impacted thousands of individuals worldwide.

Visit their business here:

Sushma Zahira Co

By Sushma Zahira Gidwani

Founder, Soulprenuer

Sushma Zahira Co was established in 2012 as a passion-purpose-driven vehicle to share, ground and expand healing, meditation and consciousness. The company has developed a unique, diverse and powerful inner network of clientele that have deeply benefitted from its wide range of cutting-edge wellness products, tools and services. Sushma Zahira has 18 years of experience in the coaching, healing, meditation and transformation industry.

Her training includes a plethora of modalities (20 and counting…) and solid on-the-court-results for clients. The company seeks to channel, empower and navigate clients through complex issues with simplicity, whilst efficiently providing effective and rooted solutions to a vast variety of personal, familial, corporate and collective issues.

Visit their business here:

Home & Interiors

My Rooftop is Green Limited

By Sophie Marrié


My Rooftop Is Green is a landscape design company with an eye for expert plant selection and design, they craft full green solutions for both outdoors and indoors. Their journey with clients begins with a detailed site assessment, followed by the designing process, ensuring visions are brought to life. 2D and 3D models are made with any requirements ranging from decking to turf to outdoor furniture, pots and plants. Once the design is approved, they implement it. They also offer plant maintenance packages post-project. Whether you dream of an exquisite patio or indoor botanical haven, you can trust "My Rooftop Is Green" to help with your space.

Visit their business here:

Legal Services

Just Education Coaching

By Caroline Langley


It has been an honour for Just Education Coaching to have played a pivotal role in coaching the Women of Hong Kong through the many legal tasks required prior to their moving into The Women’s Lounge. With all hands to the deck and deadlines looming, we communicated and collaborated together to reach all goals seamlessly. This was a testament to the effectiveness and value of Just Education Coaching and again, proof that anyone can master their own legal issues with a small amount of coaching.

Visit their business here:

Media & News


By Krystal Lai


TMS is a digital news and media company based in Hong Kong. Its mission is to make it easier for the younger generations to connect with today's world. It does this by delivering a content experience. From Monday to Friday, TMS provides a round-up of the most significant global news Headlines in a digestible, fun and factual manner, using memes, GIFs, emojis, all of it. Weekends, on the other hand, are reserved for engaging Human Story interviews with people with impactful messages and inspirational journeys to share.

Visit their business here:


By Gianne Chan


In the bustling city of Hong Kong, there exists a vibrant marketing agency and online magazine known as Lexemedia. With a passionate team at its helm, this company is dedicated to shining a spotlight on businesses throughout the region and helping them flourish in their own unique ways.

From the delectable world of Food and Beverage to the dynamic realm of retail and the serene domain of wellness, Lexemedia is unwavering in its commitment to amplifying the meaningful concepts behind each business it encounters. Their mission? To make these brands shine and glow, illuminating their essence and captivating their target audience. Lexemedia approaches every project with an unwavering belief that it is an opportunity to create something truly special. They are constantly pushing the boundaries.

Visit their business here:

Parties & Entertainment

Sara’s Henna

By Sara Vazir


Natural. Bespoke. Magical 🪄 Sara's Henna has been providing exquisite, natural henna services since 2012. Renowned across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Pakistan, their bespoke services cater to weddings, corporates, fashion shows, and more.

However, Sara’s vision extends beyond the realm of beauty and she firmly believes in the power of henna as a form of alternate therapy. Through her non-profit initiative “Mehendi Ke Taj, Sara provides cancer patients and survivors with Henna Crowns, offering them a source of empowerment, confidence and beauty. Sara’s artistry leaves a lasting impact, combining the ancient art form of Henna while embracing the contemporary spirit of our global community!

Visit their business here:

Revel Events HK

By Rani Moriani


Revel Events is the passion of its founders Rani and Harry Moriani whose love for art, music and entertainment extended into a full-fledged business. an event and wedding planning company providing full service to manage your entire events in Hong Kong and across Southeast Asian countries.

With over a decade of experience in the field of entertainment and events, we are recognized as one of the top Destination Wedding planners in the industry. From planning extravagant Destination Weddings to larger-than-life stage shows crafted with precision, from Team building activities to an intimate gathering affair with only near and dear ones, let us help you turn your vision into a reality. The mission is to provide excellent service from the inception to the execution of your events.

Visit their business here:

Staycation & Getaways

RMW Luxury Travel

By Marinda Whitehead

Your Journey, Our Passion RMW Luxury specialises in highly personalised and bespoke travel experiences. Worldwide destinations, exquisite hideaways and unforgettable adventures are designed according to your preferences. From multi-destination journeys and detailed trip itineraries to straightforward hotel bookings, we do it all. Ensuring each journey is carefully planned with genuine hospitality, detail and care.

With a decade of hospitality experience and having worked for the world's most elite hotels, we are experts in our field and understand all the essential elements of your travels. As a partner of 360 Private Travel and a member of Virtuoso, we have access to the most renowned hospitality brands worldwide, offering exclusive benefits and perks to our guests.

Visit their business here:



By Ivy Leung

Managing Director

Waterlinks is a provider of premium water and air filtration systems, as well as sustainable and non-toxic cleaning products. Waterlink’s products are all test and certified to the highest level. They also provide excellent after sales services. Clients include private household, restaurants, schools and the government.

Visit their business here:


By Eliza Yick

Communication Manager

iMMA is passionate about connecting sustainable fashion and lifestyle concepts with consumers. It has created a marketplace that observes earth-friendly practices — from sourcing materials to the process of upcycling textiles, as well as purveying international designer fashion excess at wallet-friendly prices to further the effort to cut wastage. From every small effort, iMMA believes that together we can help sustain a healthy planet for the future.

Visit their business here:

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