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Top Five things our members LOVE about The Women’s Lounge

So it has been just over a month since we launched The Women’s Lounge, and the excitement around the space has been palpable from day dot.

The whole aim was to create a purpose-driven, forward-thinking, co-working space for members. A space where they could:

Get work done

Solve problems (work AND personal) by connecting with others

Be themselves


Pretty ambitious goals we know, and it has been a journey that is for sure. But in the famous words of John Keating in Dead Poets Society,

“No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

From an idea built by the members of Women of Hong Kong (a poll sent out to the network!) to inception, we are here to change the way Hong Kong does co-working and community.


But what are members of The Women’s Lounge saying about it? Here are their top five features as voted by our main squeezes (a.k.a our Founding Members):

Chic, warm and inviting environment.

“The moment you step into the lounge, you feel so safe and inspired!” says one of our members. Stylish furnishings and an ambiance that inspires creativity. None of that is by accident. We had the talented House of Butler as our interior designer, Sustaina to project manage and ensure we took the most sustainable route, and My Rooftop is Green to deck out The Oasis with the plant goodies. The chairs there are fun, and the daybed by the Oval Table is cozy. Every corner has been meticulously chosen to inspire, energise, relax, and focus. We understand the challenges women face in carrying their essentials, (like asking for an extra chair or having to dangle it on the seat!) which is why we thoughtfully curated bag nooks behind each seat, ensuring a convenient and secure storage solution.


Networking Opportunities

At The Women's Lounge, we believe in the power of connections. “Working in the space has allowed me to connect with a graphic designer who is helping me build my side hustle!” We have buzz hours in the middle of the day, 12:00 pm-2:00 pm, encouraging all members to chat, exchange ideas, and build meaningful relationships.


The Focus Coin

“Can I buy one of these coins to use at home with my husband?” 😂

It's a question we have had more than once! The focus coin is a physical token you display on your desk to easily let others know if you are open to conversation (pink), or if you are deep in work and should not be disturbed or interrupted (red). It serves as a powerful symbol, challenging members to respect and honour each others' boundaries.


Shopping Opportunities at The Exhibitors Gallery

We take pride in showcasing the hard work and dedication that goes into creating exceptional products. “I love knowing that by buying a product in The Women’s Lounge, I am supporting other women in their business. Everything is so gorgeous!” The convenience of being able to pause work, do a little shopping whilst also actively supporting women-owned businesses is one of the top five things our members love. No surprise the WOHK team spends all their free time checking out the new stock. Follow us on IG to keep up to date with what we have!




We understand that every person’s journey and work style is unique. That's why we offer a versatile workspace. Work outdoors, indoors on a low small table, on a high table, or stand at the bar. We have all the options to suit you. “The longer tables in the Focus Zone are amazing, I can keep my laptop and diary close, and my coffee closer. “

You can duck into the Board Room for a phone call (provided that it's not booked) or simply step out onto The Oasis!



The Women's Lounge is not just a co-working space; it's a movement that celebrates the power of women in the workplace. With its chic decor, vibrant community, and a range of empowering features, this space is designed to unleash your creativity, foster collaboration, and propel you toward success. If you are interested in learning more or know someone who might benefit from joining as a member, register here:


Have some questions? Email:


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